Seagrass may help fight climate change

Seagrass may be crucial in the battle against climate change as the humble plant is 35 times more efficient at locking up, or `sequestering` carbon than rainforests, a new study has found.

Seagrass could help cut acidity level in water surrounding coral reefs

Seagrass could help reduce the acidity of water surrounding coral reefs, protecting them from erosion, scientists have found.

Seagrass can help mitigate climate change

Seagrasses are among the world`s most threatened eco-systems.

Sex promotes seagrass which acts as carbon sink

Sex promotes greater growth of seagrass, a vegetation that doubles as a huge carbon sink and shelters marine species.

Seagrass `at risk of extinction`

A species of seagrass found only in western and southern Oz waters is at the risk of extinction.