Japan to patrol disputed islands if China sails too close: Yomiuri

Japan to patrol disputed islands if China sails too close: Yomiuri

Japan will respond to any intrusion by Chinese naval vessels into the waters around the disputed Senkaku islands, known in China as the Diaoyus, by ordering its Self-Defence Force ships to patrol the area, the Yomiuri newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Japan says armed Chinese coastguard ship seen near disputed islands

Japan says armed Chinese coastguard ship seen near disputed islands

A Chinese coast guard ship equipped with what appeared to be four gun turrets was sighted near disputed islands in the East China Sea, Japan`s coast guard said on Wednesday.

China says Japan fighter jets shadowed its planes over disputed waters

Japanese fighter jets shadowed Chinese aircraft patrolling over disputed waters, China`s Ministry of Defense said on Thursday, in the latest flare-up of a spat over air space that has deepened a rift between the two countries.

Chinese ships return to disputed waters after Obama visits Tokyo

Two Chinese coastguard ships sailed into waters around disputed islands in the East China Sea Saturday, the Japanese coastguard said, two days after US President Barack Obama declared his support for Japan.

China warns US to stay out of island disputes

Beijing has warned the United States not to support China`s neighbours` claims to disputed islands in the East and South China Seas, the government said on Friday.

Japan PM renews claim on disputed islands

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe renewed his claims on disputed East China Sea islands as he visited nearby islands.

Japan mulls nationalising unclaimed islands: Report

Japan may nationalise any unclaimed remote islands in its waters in a bid to bolster its territorial claims, a newspaper said on Monday amid a dispute with China over one set.

China to allow tourism in disputed islands in South China Sea

In a move that could exacerbate tensions with its neighbours, China has announced plans to allow tourist cruises to disputed islands in the South China Sea, also claimed by Vietnam.

Chinese navy to hold 40 drills to beef up combat preparedness

Amid deepening maritime disputes with some of its neighbours, Chinese navy on Thursday said it would conduct 40 military exercises this year to test its combat readiness.

US, Japan hold senior defence talks; China a focus

Region security was the top priority when seniormost US military commander in the Pacific hosted Japan`s most senior uniformed officer.

China ships patrol disputed islands in East, South China Sea

China has pressed its surveillance ships to patrol disputed islands in the East China Sea as well as the South China Sea amid raging maritime tensions with Japan and several other South East Asian countries.

Japan holds military drill aimed at island defence

Japan has conducted a military drill apparently aimed at bolstering defence of islands at the center of a territorial dispute with China.

Philippines asks Japan for help amid China dispute

Philippines sought coast guard patrol ships and communications equipment from Japan to better secure its territory and expressed alarm over their countries` territorial conflicts with China.

Tokyo protests Chinese ships` trespass

Tokyo has lodged an official protest with Beijing over Chinese ships entering the territorial waters of disputed islands in the East China Sea, Japanese media reported.

China comes out with a white paper on disputed islands

China Tuesday published a white paper rejecting Japan`s claim of sovereignty over islands in the East China Sea.

Six Chinese ships patrol disputed islands

Six Chinese surveillance ships arrived Friday in the waters around the Diaoyu Islands and began patrolling and law enforcement duties, reports said.

Japan mulls island troops, China exports resume

Japan is mulling stationing troops near islands at the centre of a row with China, reports said.