Sikh-Americans urge PM to raise issue of attack on Sikhs

The Sikh-American community has urged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to raise the issue of increasing attacks on the community members in the US with President Barack Obama during their meeting on Friday.

Sikh Americans join Obama in calling for gun control

Members of the Sikh Community joined President Barack Obama as he sought to spur lawmakers into action against gun violence in the wake of tragedies like the Newtown massacre in December that killed 20 first-graders.

Sikh Americans pledge to work for gun control measures

Members of the Sikh community in the US pledged to work for gun control measures in the country.

Sikh Americans favour tougher gun laws

Singh was among the select individuals invited for the White House event wherein Obama signed an Executive directive for gun control.

US House seeks hate crime data against Sikhs

Moved in the wake of Aug 5 Gurudwara shooting, the resolution honours the contributions of the Sikh-American community.

FBI chief regrets remarks about Sikh Americans

FBI director apologises for remarks linking Sikh Americans to terrorism.