This is how snails eat - Watch video

Snail is a common name that is applied most often to land snails, terrestrial pulmonate gastropod molluscs.

Slimy snail facials latest beauty regimen for perfect skin

Snail facial has come out to be the latest beauty craze among the ladies across Thailand, it has been revealed.

Great Barrier Reef snail to `jump past` global warming 100 yrs from now

The Great Barrier Reef humpbacked conch snail jumps when it senses the odour of its main predator, the marbled cone shell.

Scientists discover snail that sheds foot to escape predators

Researchers have discovered a snail in Japan that sheds its foot to escape predators especially fast-moving snakes, the first known case of self-amputation in molluscs.

Biofuel cell-implanted snails can generate electricity

Researchers have for the first time implanted a biofuel battery in a living snail, which can produce electrical power.

Snails rode over birds to cross continents?

Like humans use aeroplanes for flying, snails may have ridden over shorebirds or stuck to their legs to cross Central America twice in the past million years, said scientists.

Snail shells to inspire next gen ‘impermeable’ armor

In a new research, a team of materials scientists has found new facts about a tiny snail that lives on the ocean floor, which could help scientists design better armor for soldiers and vehicles.