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Sniffing and gasping can prevent fainting

Simple actions like sniffing and gasping for air can prevent the most common form of fainting, researchers have found.

Human sense of smell can act like GPS in the dark

Humans may lack the scent-tracking sophistication of dogs, but we can still use our nose to sniff our way out of the dark, according to a new study.

Women can really 'sniff' out things better than men

Women are really superior to men when it comes to the sense of smell, says a new study.

Dogs sniff each other`s behinds to gain info on diet, gender

Dogs sniff each other`s behinds to gather important information about the other canine`s gender, emotional state and diet, scientists say.

This dog can sniff out porn material

A golden Labrador with the Rhode Island internet crimes against children task force in the US has a perfect nose for computer hardware that can help against rising cases of child pornography.

How your nose can be a pathfinder

Researchers have found out the process behind nose becoming a pathfinder.

Animals fine-tune smell to survive

Just as wine or tea tasters have to focus certain senses, animals too fine-tune the sense of smell as part of their survival tactics, new research has found.