Cultivate optimism with your brain`s help to lessen anxiety

If you are feeling anxious, then you may want to check your orbitofrontal cortex and cultivate your optimism.

Iran changes law to make divorce harder

Iran has changed a law to make divorce by mutual consent invalid unless couples have first undergone state-run counselling, the country`s latest move to tackle a rise in broken marriages.

Convoy of Srebrenica victims` remains makes way to massacre site

A convoy carrying the coffins of 136 newly-identified Srebrenica victims left Thursday to head for the Bosnian town where the massacre took place for their burial on the 20th anniversary.

Brazil gives more rights to domestic workers

President Dilma Rousseff on Tuesday approved legal changes giving more workplace rights to Brazil`s estimated 6.5 million-strong army of maids and other domestic helpers.

Why we browse Facebook when we want to take break?

Scientists have found why social networks such as Facebook are such a popular diversion for people who feel like taking a break.

Egypt jails policeman for sexual assault on mentally ill girl

An Egyptian court on Sunday sentenced to life in jail a policeman for sexually assaulting a 16-year-old mentally handicapped girl at a Cairo police station, a judicial official said.

Iran bans spiky haircuts, tattoos saying it implies 'devil worship'

Iran bans spiky haircuts, tattoos saying it implies 'devil worship'

Hairstyles of a spiky and unorthodox nature have reportedly been banned in Iran because they imply devil-worship, while tattoos and other male bodily adornments also being outlawed.

Anger at inequality drives South Africa xenophobic attacks

High unemployment and a failure to address growing inequality are to blame for a wave of anti-immigrant attacks in South Africa, say analysts.

Chinese court jails Uighur for 6 years for growing beard

A court in China`s mainly Muslim Xinjiang region has sentenced a man to six years in prison for "provoking trouble" and growing a beard, a practise discouraged by local authorities, a newspaper reported Sunday.

Gay police OK if they hide their homosexuality: Venezuela official

Gays should be allowed to serve as police officers, so long as they hide their sexual orientation, an official tasked with modernizing Venezuela`s law enforcement agency said in an interview.

Iggy Azalea quits social media after mocked for her figure

Iggy Azalea quits social media after mocked for her figure

Rapper Iggy Azalea has left microblogging site Twitter after she was criticised for her voluptuous figure.

Turkey warns channel over 'God instead of Allah' dubbing

Turkey`s television watchdog has warned a national private channel over the dubbing of a French show where the word for "God" was dubbed with a traditional Turkic word rather than the Islamic "Allah", media said Thursday.

Israeli film breaks ultra-Orthodox taboo on masturbation

It is a delicate subject which has been taboo since biblical times but now an Israeli documentary has broken new ground by exploring the ultra-Orthodox Jewish ban on masturbation.

Fighting social evils: Bollywood's new definition of patriotism

Fighting social evils: Bollywood's new definition of patriotism

From "Border", "LOC Kargil" to "The Legend of Bhagat Singh" and "The Rising: Ballad of Mangal Pandey" in the 1990s and early 2000s, the Hindi film industry saw a barrage of films delving on war and freedom frighters in an effort to promote patriotism. Such films were shown to the masses ahead of Republic Day and Independence Day.

Russians ready to eat less in crisis, united round Vladimir Putin: Deputy PM

Russians are ready to ride out the current economic crisis, even by eating less food, and to stand by President Vladimir Putin`s side regardless, the deputy prime minister said Friday.

Tisca Chopra launches new show 'Code Red'

Tisca Chopra launches new show 'Code Red'

'Code Red', a social TV show compiling three different segments about topics like suicide, violence against women and various psychological disorders, was launched here today.

British student raises thousands for 'homeless hero'

A British student has raised thousands of pounds for a "homeless hero" who offered her his last few coins to get home at night after she lost her bank card.

Improving social acumen key to pleasing your boss

If you want to prove yourself as a "doer" before your boss, working on your social acumen is very important, a new study has found.

Boy moms 25 percent more 'social' than daughter moms among chimps

Boy moms 25 percent more 'social' than daughter moms among chimps

 A new study has revealed that mothers of sons are about 25 percent more outgoing than mothers of daughters among chimpanzees.

Sharks have personalities too: Study

Sharks have personalities too: Study

A new study has revealed that sharks have personalities too, as some of them can be 'gregarious' and have strong social connections, whilst others are more solitary and prefer to remain inconspicuous.