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Shocking! Indian surgeons remove 40 knives from cop's stomach (Watch)

 A five-member doctor team operated on the 42-year-old patient for around five hours to remove the knives.

Now, robotic worms to assist in inner ear surgeries

 Researchers have developed a miniature robotic 'worm' that could drill through a bone into the inner ear, steering around sensitive nerves, to help surgeons remove tumours from the delicate organ.

Surgeons carve new ears using 3D printings

 Researchers from the University of Washington (UW) have evolved a method to help trainee surgeons carve new ears from a paediatric rib cartilage like material by using 3D-printed moulds.

Top US surgeons to lead robotic surgeons' meet at Kochi

Eminent American and Indian surgeons specialising in 'Minimal Access Surgery' will converge in Kochi, Kerala next week (Sep 12 - 13) to share best practices in the emerging field of robotic surgery.

Music improves stitching prowess of plastic surgeons

 Plastic surgeons stitch faster and better when their favourite music is on during operations, says a new study.

Shocking: Sterilisation surgery done using torchlight in Jharkhand

In a shocking incident, surgeons in Jharkhand, guided by torchlight, sterilised nearly 40 women at a state-run health clinic because there was no power on Wednesday night.

The women were then moved out of the operating theatre and made to lie down or sit on the ground in a corridor.

Compulsory for UK surgeons to reveal patient deaths

 Surgeons in the UK will have to make public their patient mortality rates or else they will face sanctions, a move opposed by some doctors who warned that it could lead to consultants refusing to take on difficult cases.

Joan Rivers used to audition her surgeons

Joan Rivers used to audition her surgeons

Comedienne Joan Rivers, who died last week following a heart attack, used to make her surgeons go through a tough audition before they could operate on her.

Surgeons remove 60kg tumour from Mexican woman

A team of doctors has removed a 60kg tumour from a 51-year-old woman`s ovaries, health officials said.

Soon, Google Glass to assist surgeons

The high-tech eye-wear device `Google Glass` can be a useful tool in surgical settings, particularly in relation to training, a new study has found.

Surgeons sentenced to imprisonment for bribery

A local court convicted two doctors trapped by Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) in connection with a bribe case pertaining to 2003.

`India needs surgeons to tackle oral cancer`

With only around 3,000 maxillofacial surgeons in India and rising incidence of oral cancer, there is need for more such medical specialists both in urban and rural areas, experts said Wednesday.

Surgeons implant brain `pacemaker` for Alzheimer`s

The device can boost memory and reverse cognitive decline.

Surgeons remove five metre rod from man`s face

A five metre long iron rod, which had pierced the face of a 50-year-old man in a freak accident at an under construction building here, was removed by surgeons at a private hospital.

House-surgeons call off strike

Kerala Medicos Joint Action Council said that Health Minister agreed to revoke the Government Order regarding compulsory rural service of PG doctors.

Errors lead surgeons to contemplate suicide: Study

A study suggests medical errors and depression lead surgeons to contemplate suicide.

Errors lead surgeons to contemplate suicide: Study

A study suggests medical errors and depression lead surgeons to contemplate suicide.

Electricity affects on penises

Surgeons have been studying the effects of electricity on penises by experimenting on themselves.

Pad in abdomen: Surgeons asked to pay Rs 15L compensation

A woman who suffered immense pain
for over seven months after a pad was left inside her abdomen
during surgery has been awarded a compensation of Rs 15 lakhs
by the National Consumer Commission.