Russia offers security as Syria destroys chemical arms

Syria is due to hand over deadly toxins which can be used to make sarin, VX gas and other lethal agents under an international agreement forged after an attack on the outskirts of Damascus which killed hundreds in August.

Syria chemical arms deal `not an end point`, Hollande says

French President Francois Hollande warned today a US-Russian deal reached over the weekend to eradicate Syria`s chemical arms arsenal was "not an end point", adding the option of military strikes must remain on the table.

Syrian rebels blast Russian offer on chemical arms

Syrian rebels have blasted the Russian proposal on securing their country`s chemical weapons, saying that Bashar Assad`s government should instead be made to face an international court for last month`s attack near Damascus.

Russia warns of catastrophe if Syria reactor hit by US strike

Russia said on Wednesday that a military strike on Syria could have catastrophic effects if a missile hit a small reactor near Damascus that contains radioactive uranium.

UN inspectors take Syria samples for tests

UN inspectors have conducted "a wide range of fact-finding activities" at the site of an alleged chemical attack outside the Syrian capital city of Damascus, a UN official said.

UN vows `impartial` study on Syria chemical arms

The United Nations vowed today to give an "impartial and credible" assessment on whether chemical arms were used in Syria as tensions rose over a possible military strike.