Roll up TV screen soon and chill out

In what could herald an era of bendable screens, researchers at Tel Aviv University have developed a novel structure that can be used to produce thin, transparent and flexible digital displays for TV sets, smartphones and tablets.

Using smartphones to pacify kids may harm their development

Parents, take note! Using tablets, smartphones or e-books to distract children may be detrimental to their social-emotional development, a new study suggests.

`Small screens` prevent kids from sleeping: US study

Children who have access to tablets or smartphones in their bedrooms get less sleep than children who do not have the devices with them at night, a US study said on Monday.

Now, Ashton Kutcher designs Tablets
Now, Ashton Kutcher designs Tablets

It seems playing Steve Jobs in "Jobs" may have gone to his head. Actor Ashton Kutcher is following in the steps of the Apple mastermind by becoming a tablet designer.

Turning off electronics helps kids sleep better: Study

 Children who leave electronic devices on at night sleep up to one hour less on average per night, a new US study has found.

Watch: Is this how Microsoft Windows 9 'Threshold' will look?
Watch: Is this how Microsoft Windows 9 'Threshold' will look?

In the ever-evolving world of electronics where details of gizmos and products are now getting 'leaked' a lot more than ever before, a sneak preview of the much-anticipated Windows 9 'Threshold' has come to fore.

Soon, pee to power your smartphone, tablets

NASA astronomers are trying to turn pee into pure drinking water. Back on earth, pee can soon be commercially used to charge smartphones and tablets.

Health risk from wireless technology growing: Study

Health risks from mobile wireless devices like phones and tablets are growing stronger and requires immediate action, according to a new study.

Updated Windows 8.1.1 likely to be released on March 11

Updated Windows 8.1.1 is speculated to be released on March 11, lining up with a Patch Tuesday.

Coming, a battery that runs on sugar

Cell phones, tablets, video games and electronic gadgets to run on sugar in next three years? Sweet on ears, truly.

Now, a button to switch off digital distractions

A new device has been developed that lets users disconnect digitally and help them concentrate on more important tasks.

Ranbaxy import ban: USFDA found suspected hair, oil in tablets

Tablets embedded with `black fibre` that was suspected to be hair from an employee`s arm, `black spots` of oil from machines in tablets and absence of running water in toilets were some observations made by USFDA that has banned import of drugs made at Ranbaxy`s Mohali unit.

Storage for next generation of smart phones and tablets closer to reality

Researchers have developed a new way to build resistive memory devices that could become the storage part of the next generation of smart phones and tablets.

Thank mobiles and tablets for family TV viewing in living room

A new study has revealed that families are coming together to watch TV more now than they did 10 years ago, but they are bringing their tablets and smartphones with them.

`Travellers with Net access increasingly use mobiles, tabs`

Travellers having Internet access are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to get information about tourist destinations and make payments online, says a Goolge study.

Karnataka polls 2013: Deputy CM Eshwarappa declares assets worth Rs 4.8 crore

Ahead of the May 5 Karnataka Assembly Elections, Deputy Chief Minister KS Eshwarappa declared his assets worth Rs 4.8 crore, while his wife, Jayalakshmi, owns assets worth Rs 2.47 crore.

Bipasha Basu to endorse smartphones, tablets brand

Actress Bipasha Basu has been roped in to endorse a range of smartphones, phablets and tablets by Pune-based company Byond Tech Electronics Pvt. Ltd (BTEPL).

Robots and tablets to be named after Gagan Narang

Cashing in on the success of Gagan Narang, who clinched a bronze at the London Games, a leading robot and tablet maker on Tuesday announced to launch a special range of products bearing name of the Indian shooter.

Guidelines for free laptops, tablets in UP

The Uttar Pradesh government has issued guidelines for free distribution of laptops to Class XII students and tablets to those who have cleared Class X examination.

Soon, posters that kiss you back

Japanese researchers have invented a digital image that can respond to your kisses with smiles and eyelash fluttering.