US military option in Iran 'intact' despite Russian missiles: US General

The U.S. military option to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, and encourage a diplomatic solution, remains intact despite Russia`s decision to deliver its S-300 missile defence system to Tehran, the top U.S. general said on Thursday.

US military to exhume remains of unidentified victims of Pearl Harbor attack

The remains of as many as 388 "unknown" US military members who died when the USS Oklahoma was sunk during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor will be exhumed in Hawaii in an effort to identify them, the Department of Defense said on Tuesday.

Islamic State battle to dominate US-Iraq White House talks

Iraq`s prime minister will plead for more US military support in the war against insurgent Islamic State jihadists during a first White House meeting with President Barack Obama on Tuesday.

US, Afghan soldiers killed in firefight between Afghan, NATO forces

An American and an Afghan soldier were killed on Wednesday when a firefight broke out between Afghan and NATO coalition forces at a compound where a senior U.S. diplomat met a provincial governor in eastern Afghanistan, police and U.S. sources said.

100 US military officers on ISIS hit list, Pentagon probes threat
100 US military officers on ISIS hit list, Pentagon probes threat

Seeking to issue its next major threat, the Islamic State has posted the details of 100 US military personnel online and called for their assassinations by the Muslims.

Seven air strikes target Islamic State in Iraq, four in Syria: US military

The United States and coalition partners carried out seven air strikes against Islamic State militants in Iraq and four in Syria since Saturday, the U.S. military said.

Iraq's divide could strain anti-IS coalition: US

The international coalition fighting Islamic State extremists could be jeopardised if the Baghdad government fails to bridge Iraq`s sectarian divide, the US military`s top officer warned Monday.


US military chief in Baghdad amid Iraqi offensive

The US military`s top officer landed in Baghdad on Monday as Iraqi forces battle the Islamic State group in their largest operation to date against the jihadists.

Escalating air war on IS not the answer: US general

The US military`s top officer Sunday defended the pace of the air war against Islamic State jihadists, warning that escalating bombing raids or sending in more American troops would be a mistake.

US military weather satellite explodes in space

A 20-year-old US military weather satellite exploded in orbit last month following a sudden temperature spike in its power system, producing at least 43 pieces of space debris, US media reported Tuesday.

Tension with India impacts Pak's Afghan strategy: US general

Tension between India and Pakistan threatens regional stability and "largely drives" the latter's strategy in Afghanistan, a top US military officer has told a Congress committee.

Yemen Houthis take over US-trained special forces base in Sanaa

 Armed men from Yemen`s newly dominant Houthi group took over a special forces army base in the capital Sanaa early on Wednesday, soldiers there said. 

US-led military air strikes destroy key ISIS targets in Syria, Iraq

The US and its coalition partners have conducted air strikes against Islamic State (Isis) militants in Syria and Iraq since Saturday, according to the US military.

US brigade of 4,000 soldiers headed to Kuwait

More than 4,000 US soldiers based at Fort Carson, Colorado, are heading to Kuwait, where they will take over as one of America's largest ground forces in the region after President Barack Obama asked Congress to authorise military action against Islamic State militants.

Obama seeks war authorization from Congress to fight Islamic State
Obama seeks war authorization from Congress to fight Islamic State

US President Barack Obama has sent Congress an outline for authorization to use military force in the campaign against Islamic State, a congressional aide said on Wednesday.

US leads 12 air strikes against Islamic State: Military

 The United States and its coalition partners struck four units of Islamic State militants amid 11 air strikes in Iraq since early Monday, the US military said in a statement.

US, partners conduct nine air strikes in Iraq, Syria: US military

US and partner nations conducted three air strikes in Syria and six in Iraq since Sunday in their battle against Islamic State, according to the US military.

US contractor wants Abu Ghraib lawsuit scrapped

 A US defense contractor that provided interrogators to Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq sought Friday to have a federal judge dismiss a lawsuit because its employees were working under military control in wartime.

US military bolsters security at European bases

The US military has stepped up security at its bases across Europe in the aftermath of deadly attacks by Islamists in Paris, officials said Thursday.

US-led forces launch 31 air strikes in Iraq, Syria: US military

US-led forces attacked Islamic State targets with 21 air strikes in Iraq and 10 in Syria since Wednesday, the American military said.