US senators will push ahead with Iran sanctions bill

The sponsors of a bill to impose new sanctions on Iran if there is no agreement on its nuclear program by July said on Friday they would push ahead with the legislation, despite warnings that it could torpedo international negotiations.

US senators push moratorium on Guantanamo transfers

US Senate Republicans including John McCain introduced a measure Tuesday that temporarily halts transfers of most of Guantanamo`s war-on-terror detainees, saying the releases only lead to more attacks.

Iran deal must `dismantle` nuclear program: US senators

Two US senators responsible for introducing strict sanctions on Iran renewed their warning on Wednesday over nuclear negotiations with the country, saying any final pact must "dismantle" the Islamic republic`s nuclear program.

US senators urge aiding Ukraine with arms to fight “Russian invasion”
US senators urge aiding Ukraine with arms to fight “Russian invasion”

The American senators have urged the US to supply Ukraine with arms so that it can fight a “Russian invasion.”

US senators seek 20-year inspection of Iran nuclear program

Key US lawmakers, reduced to outside observers of the closed-door nuclear negotiations with Iran in Vienna, are demanding that any final agreement include decades of international inspections of Tehran`s atomic program.

US senators push for tough line in Iran nuclear talks

Two influential US senators have asked fellow lawmakers to support demands that Iran accept tough conditions in nuclear talks, including at least two decades of inspections, before Congress would agree to ease sanctions.

Barack Obama asks senators to `pause` new Iran sanctions

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday held a meeting with the senators and asked them to not propose new sanctions on Iran for now and permit the world powers to negotiate a nuclear deal.

White House defends Iranian policy, Obama to brief Senators

The White House has defended its policy of engagement with Iran with officials saying President Barack Obama is slated to meet top American Senators on Tuesday.

US lawmakers close to deal to end 14-day-old shutdown

As the US inched closer to an unprecedented debt default, US lawmakers on Tuesday held a flurry of negotiations and expressed optimism over a potential deal that could end the government shutdown, raise the debt ceiling and avert a crisis that may trigger a global economic turmoil.

US senators urge Obama to toughen Iran sanctions

Seventy-six US senators have urged President Barack Obama to impose tougher sanctions on Iran, saying Washington must stress its military option even as new President Hassan Rowhani urges dialogue.

US Senators tell Obama to get tough on Snowden issue

Top US senators have asked Obama administration to get tougher on the issue of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

US senators reach deal on gun-sale background checks

Two US senators have reached a compromise to be announced Wednesday that would expand background checks for gun sales, an official said, in what could result in the most ambitious change to gun laws since 1994.

US senators closer to immigration deal

A bipartisan group of senators is closer to a deal on immigration reform to resolve the problem of 11 million illegal immigrants, including some 260,000 Indians, according to a media report.

Senators hush-hush as they craft immigration bill

The bipartisan group of eight senators working in private to craft an immigration overhaul have been bearing down as a self-imposed deadline nears to release their sweeping legislation.

Track hate crimes against Hindus and Sikhs: US Senators

The Senators delegation was led by Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and the Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin.

US Senators unveil immigration reform deal

A bipartisan group of influential US Senators on Monday agreed to a framework of sweeping reform of immigration laws.

US senators unveil immigration reform deal

A bipartisan group of influential US Senators agreed to a framework of sweeping reform of immigration laws to attract the `world`s best`.

US Senators introduce legislation after Malala

Malala Yousafzai, a 15-year-old Pakistani peace activist, was shot by the Taliban.

US Senators hail Clinton at her last congressional hearing

Outgoing US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was hailed by lawmakers as the diplomat who changed the face of America abroad by integrating diplomacy in the national security agenda.

Top US Senators to visit Afghanistan, Pakistan

Two top American Senators would travel to Afghanistan and Pakistan to look at security and political developments in the region.