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Edward Snowden urges people to work together, not to fear Donald Trump

Edward Snowden urges people to work together, not to fear Donald Trump

"If we want to have a better world, we cannot hope for an Obama and we should not fear a Donald Trump. Rather we should build it ourselves," Snowden said late Thursday, addressing an audience in the Netherlands in a live video chat from Russia.

IBM says it has not given client data to the US government

IBM is one of several U.S. tech companies hit by the growing government spying scandal.

US to relinquish key oversight role for Internet

The move "marks the final phase of the privatisation" of the Internet domain system, a statement said.

EU demands protection against US data surveillance

The European Commission called on Tuesday for new protection for Europeans under United States` law against misuse of personal data, in an attempt to keep in check the US surveillance revealed by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

EU urges US legal redress to protect personal data

The EU pressed US politicians Tuesday to give EU citizens the right to legal redress to protect their personal data, after US spying revelations soured ties with major allies.

EU executive wants 'strong, united' stand on US spying

The EU's executive Thursday said the latest reports of covert US surveillance in Europe showed it was time for "a strong and united" stand on data protection.

Microsoft wants to disclose US government data queries

Microsoft has joined Google in a legal push for permission to disclose more information about secret government requests for data, according to a US court filing made public.