ND Tiwari declares Rohit Shekhar as his political `heir`

Veteran Congress leader ND Tiwari on Wednesday declared his wife Ujjwala Sharma and his son Rohit Shekhar as his legal `heirs`.

Congress leader ND Tiwari marries Ujjwala Sharma; will Digvijay Singh be next?

Taking a jibe at veteran Congress leader and former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Narayan Dutt Tiwari, who married Ujjwala Sharma on Wednesday night, senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi said that Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh is next in line.

Marriage was ND Tiwari`s decision, says ` very happy` Ujjwala Sharma

Two months after ND Tiwari admitted that Rohit Shekhar is his biological son, the 89-year-old Congress veteran leader married Ujjwala Sharma at his resudence in Lucknow.

ND Tiwari meets his woman companion

Former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Narayan Dutt Tiwari met his estranged woman companion Ujjwala Sharma Friday night after the Lucknow police intervened.

Complaint filed against ND Tiwari`s security personnel

A police complaint was lodged against senior Congress leader Narayan Dutt Tiwari`s security personnel by Ujjwala Sharma, the mother of his son Rohit Shekhar, for trying to create a wedge between them for property.

ND Tiwari paternity row: Youth submits reports in HC in favour of claim

Rohit Shekhar, seeking to get ND Tiwari declared as his biological father, submitted before Delhi HC copies of recent news reports in which the Congress veteran reportedly admitted him as his son.

Rohit Shekhar says he wants to take care of his father ND Tiwari

On the day when former Uttar Pradesh chief minister ND Tiwari finally accepted him as his biological son, Rohit Shekhar said on Monday that he wanted to spend time with his father.

Paternity suit: Tiwari intended to adopt her son, says Rohit`s mom

The mother of Rohit Shekhar, who is seeking to declare ND Tiwari as his biological father, on Tuesday told a commission here that she was assured by the veteran Congress leader that he intended to adopt her son.

Who is Rohit Shekhar?

ND Tiwari`s DNA test has confirmed that he is the biological father of Rohit Shekhar.

Justice prevails at last, says Ujjwala Sharma

With the Delhi High Court
ordering veteran Congressman N D Tiwari to undergo DNA test in
a paternity suit, the mother of the youth, who claims to be
the leader`s biological son, today said that "justice has
finally prevailed".