Russia vows `tough` action if Ukraine defaults on debt

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Saturday that his government will adopt a "tough stance" if Ukraine defaults on its debt, which includes a $3 billion loan from Moscow.

Austria rejects US extradition of Ukrainian oligarch

An Austrian court has rejected a US request to extradite Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash on charges of bribing officials in India.

Museum or memory lane? Kiev mulls memorial to Maidan victims

Confident and cheery in priestly black robes, 21-year-old seminarian Oleg is on duty in the small wooden chapel built a year ago above the Maidan, the scene of deadly protests in Kiev last year that shaped Ukraine`s history.

From rebellion to stalemate: A year of war in east Ukraine

On April 6, 2014, pro-Russian activists stormed the offices of the Donetsk regional administration and the Lugansk office of the secret service in eastern Ukraine, sparking a year-long insurgency against the Kiev government in which 6,000 people have died.

Kiev `failed` to probe protest violence: Council of Europe

The Council of Europe on Tuesday blasted Kiev for failing to properly investigate deadly violence against demonstrators at last year`s Maidan protests that ended with pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych`s downfall.

Judge looks to build `new society` in Ukraine rebel bastion

Even as he breaks down in tears, judge Alexander Klyanoshkin admits no regrets about ending a decade on the bench in his government-held hometown in eastern Ukraine to serve in the pro-Russian breakaway republic of Donetsk.

Ukraine president sacks oligarch after oil company row

Ukraine`s president has dismissed a powerful oligarch from his post as regional governor in a showdown exposing the high-level internal conflicts of a nation already battling pro-Russian separatists.

Russia helped ousted president Yanukovych flee Ukraine: Putin

In a new documentary about Russia's annexation of Crimea, President Vladimir Putin says Russian forces helped ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych escape to Russia.

Third ally of ousted Ukraine leader Yanukovych found dead

A key ally of former Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych was found dead after an apparent suicide Thursday in the third such case in two weeks.

Putin bestows awards on Chechen leader, Litvinenko suspect

Russian President Vladimir Putin has bestowed an award on the leader of Chechnya, just as the North Caucasus strongman hailed the suspected killer of an opposition politician as a "true patriot."

Plan to take Crimea hatched before referendum, says Russian President Vladimir Putin
Plan to take Crimea hatched before referendum, says Russian President Vladimir Putin

President Vladimir Putin has revealed the moment he says he gave the secret order for Russia's annexation of Crimea and described how Russian troops were ready to fight to rescue Ukraine's deposed, pro-Moscow president.

European Union removes Ukrainians from sanctions list

The European Union lifted sanctions on Friday against four Ukrainians including the son of a former premier, while extending measures against ousted president Viktor Yanukovych and 14 others for a year. 

Ally of ousted Ukraine leader found dead in apparent suicide

Ukrainian police on Saturday said a leading ally of former president Viktor Yanukovych was found dead after falling from his 17th storey Kiev flat in an apparent suicide.

Blast hits march in eastern Ukraine, two killed
Blast hits march in eastern Ukraine, two killed

A bomb blast killed two at a march in east Ukraine on Sunday on the first anniversary of the ouster of the country's Russia-friendly president, a gruesome counterpoint to the hopes spawned by a cease-fire agreement more than a week ago.

40,000 attend Moscow pro-Putin rally

Tens of thousands of strongman Vladimir Putin's supporters rallied on Saturday near the Kremlin walls, a year after protests in neighbouring Ukraine led to the fall of its pro-Russian president.

US threatens more sanctions after `179 Ukraine soldiers killed`

The United States warned Saturday it could escalate sanctions on Russia after rebels overran a key Ukrainian town in violation of a truce, leaving a reported 179 government soldiers dead over a month of fighting.

A year on, families still search for missing Kiev protesters

Faina Taran holds a crumpled black-and-white picture of her son Ivan in her trembling hands as she tells what little she knows about how he disappeared a year ago.

Ukraine's parliament strips Yanukovych of president's title

 The Ukrainian Parliament Wednesday passed a bill to strip former president Viktor Yanukovych of his permanent title of president.

Ukraine's former leadership placed on Interpol wanted list

The International Police Organization (Interpol) has issued red notice arrest warrants for ousted Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych and his close allies, Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said Monday.

Ukraine TV lands in hot water over Russian pop songs

One of Ukraine's biggest TV networks faced the threat on Friday of being taken off air for filling its highly-rated New Year's Eve show with Russian pop songs beamed live from Moscow.