Ally of ousted Ukraine leader found dead in apparent suicide

Ukrainian police on Saturday said a leading ally of former president Viktor Yanukovych was found dead after falling from his 17th storey Kiev flat in an apparent suicide.

Blast hits march in eastern Ukraine, two killed
Blast hits march in eastern Ukraine, two killed

A bomb blast killed two at a march in east Ukraine on Sunday on the first anniversary of the ouster of the country's Russia-friendly president, a gruesome counterpoint to the hopes spawned by a cease-fire agreement more than a week ago.

40,000 attend Moscow pro-Putin rally

Tens of thousands of strongman Vladimir Putin's supporters rallied on Saturday near the Kremlin walls, a year after protests in neighbouring Ukraine led to the fall of its pro-Russian president.

US threatens more sanctions after `179 Ukraine soldiers killed`

The United States warned Saturday it could escalate sanctions on Russia after rebels overran a key Ukrainian town in violation of a truce, leaving a reported 179 government soldiers dead over a month of fighting.

A year on, families still search for missing Kiev protesters

Faina Taran holds a crumpled black-and-white picture of her son Ivan in her trembling hands as she tells what little she knows about how he disappeared a year ago.

Ukraine's parliament strips Yanukovych of president's title

 The Ukrainian Parliament Wednesday passed a bill to strip former president Viktor Yanukovych of his permanent title of president.

Ukraine's former leadership placed on Interpol wanted list

The International Police Organization (Interpol) has issued red notice arrest warrants for ousted Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych and his close allies, Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said Monday.

Ukraine TV lands in hot water over Russian pop songs

One of Ukraine's biggest TV networks faced the threat on Friday of being taken off air for filling its highly-rated New Year's Eve show with Russian pop songs beamed live from Moscow.

Ukraine's newly elected Parliament holds first session

 The newly-elected Ukrainian parliament held its first session Thursday to swear in lawmakers and form committees.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk: Ukraine`s unlikely firebrand

Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who was confirmed in his post as Ukraine`s premier on Thursday, is a technocrat turned protest leader who took the reins of government at a moment of historic upheaval in the ex-Soviet nation. 

War-scarred Ukraine set for key polls tomorrow

Ukraine voters will go to the polls Sunday in elections set to dramatically reshape parliament, after a year of upheavals in which a deadly pro-Russian uprising has threatened to splinter the ex-Soviet state.

Valdimir Putin admits Russia helped Yanukovych flee Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin Friday acknowledged for the first time that Russia had helped Ukraine`s former pro-Moscow leader Viktor Yanukovych flee his country.

Facts about Ukraine`s snap parliamentary poll

Ukraine`s snap general election on October 26 is seen as a key test for the war-torn nation as voters replace lawmakers allied to Kremlin-backed former president Viktor Yanukovych, ousted in February.

Ukraine`s uphill battle against graft as election looms

Golden loaves became a symbol of Ukraine`s fight against graft after bread-shaped gold bars were discovered at Viktor Yanukovych`s lavish estate outside Kiev, one of the many symbols of the greed and tasteless excess of his regime.

Ukraine President promises early Parliament Elections

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko pledged the strife-torn nation would have a new Parliament in place in the next few months, confirming that he intends to call long-awaited legislative polls.

EU looks to reassure Russia on Ukraine trade deal

Ukraine, Russia and the European Union sat down on Friday for a first round of talks intended to reassure Moscow on the consequences of tighter trade links between Kiev and Brussels.

Ukraine`s deal with EU may have serious consequences: Putin

As Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova signed partnership agreements with the European Union Friday, Russia said the move will have "serious consequences".

Poroshenko wins Ukrainian presidential election

Ukraine`s chocolate king Petro Poroshenko has won the presidential election in the first round with 54.7 percent of the vote, the country`s Central Electoral Commission (CEC) announced Thursday.

Poroshenko holds strong lead in Ukrainian poll

Petro Poroshenko has retained his lead in the Ukrainian presidential race, taking 54.45 percent of the vote, with over 95 percent of ballots counted, authorities said Tuesday.

US ready to work with Ukraine`s new president: Obama

The US looks forward to working with the next president and the new parliament of Ukraine to support the country`s efforts to enact important reforms, US President Barack Obama said Sunday.