Two more vulture species under threat from veterinary painkiller diclofenac

A new study suggests that the veterinary painkiller diclofenac could be the reason behind the drastic decline in the number of vulture species such as Red-headed and Egyptian Vulture.

Vulture `safe zone` to come up in Bundelkhand

In order to protect critically-endangered vultures from being extinct, a Vulture Safe Zone (VSZ) would be created in Madhya Pradesh`s Bundelkhand, Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) officials said today.

Foreign media are `vultures`: Mandela`s eldest daughter

Nelson Mandela`s eldest daughter lashed out at foreign media "vultures" for failing to respect African custom and the family`s feelings.

Three endangered species of vultures spotted

Three endangered species of vultures have been spotted at the Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary in East Siang district by a team of researchers from the Rajiv Gandhi University.

Vultures in South Asia face imminent extinction

No vultures will be left in India and the rest of South Asia if no immediate steps are taken for their conservation, non-governmental organisations have warned.

Captive breeding of endangered vultures successful

Two of the most rare and critically-endangered species of vultures have been bred successfully in captivity at a conservation centre in Assam.

Rare species of Vulture found

A rare species of vulture was found in Bhansia village of the district, forest officials claimed.

Saudis nab vulture `spying` for Mossad

Saudi authorities have nabbed a
vulture on suspicion of spying for Israel`s espionage agency
Mossad after it was found bearing a tag of Tel Aviv

BNHS successfully breeds 16 vultures in captivity

The Bombay Natural History Society
(BNHS) today said it has successfully bred for the first time
in captivity 16 vultures at its Vulture Conservation Breeding
Centre (VCBC) in Pinjore in Haryana.

Sherlock the vulture, man`s new best friend

Sherlock the vulture has face like a turkey, a blood-red head,eyes and beak.

Veterinary medicine killing vultures in India: Ministry

Diclofenac is the "major cause"
behind the rapidly declining vulture numbers in the country,
the government said Friday.

South Africans `smoke vulture brains to bring lottery luck`

Believe it or not, South Africans smoke vulture brains to bring luck -- for winning lotteries. And, wildlife experts have now warned that vultures face extinction in this country.

Govt launches exclusive vulture conservation programme

With vultures facing threat in
different parts of the world, the government has launched an
exclusive programme for conserving these scavengers of nature
in India where nine species of the bird is found.

Most endangered vulture breed ready to fledge

One of the world`s best conservation stories is being scripted at a wildlife Centre in Haryana`s Pinjore, where a slender-billed vulture nestling, a rare species, has for the first time hatched in captivity and is ready to fledge.