Major construction at North Korea rocket site, says US institute

Satellite imagery shows significant new construction at North Korea's main rocket launch site in a sign of leader Kim Jong Un's determination to pursue a space program despite international censure, a US research institute said on Thursday.

Pakistan, US to hold nuclear, strategic talks

Pakistan and the US will hold key talks on nuclear non-proliferation and strategic stability in Washington next week, media reported on Thursday.

Indian-American student sentenced to life for killing friend

A 25-year-old Indian-American engineering student has been sentenced to life in prison by a US court for fatally stabbing his friend after allegedly finding him cheating with his girlfriend.

Talks with US ''going well'': Venezuelan president

Venezuela has opened talks with a special envoy of US President Barack Obama and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says the dialogue is "going well".

Thousands of bikers gather in Washington to honor vets

 One week after a gathering of biker gangs in Texas that resulted in nine deaths and 170 arrests, thousands of motorcycle riders roared into the nation`s capital Sunday to honor military veterans, prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action.

US Senate blocks bill on NSA's phone records collection

The US Senate has rejected a bill that would curb the country's National Security Agency (NSA)'s bulk collection of telephone data, leaving it uncertain the fate of the once-secret program ahead of its expiration at the end of the month.

US white cop acquitted in killing of black couple

A police officer in Cleveland, Ohio, was acquitted by a judge for the shooting deaths of two unarmed suspects, both black, after police chased the victims' car on November 2012.

US Senate tries to bridge gaps on domestic surveillance

The chairman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee released a proposal meant to bridge divides among lawmakers on how to handle the June 1 expiration of domestic spying programs, but there was no clear outcome in sight late on Friday. 

US, Cuba 'much closer' to opening embassies

The US and Cuba ended on Friday their fourth round of negotiations to restore diplomatic relations, with the message that the opening of embassies is now "much closer" and that the last obstacles will be overcome in the coming weeks, though not necessarily with another high-profile gathering.

US Senate approves fast-track trade authority for Obama

The US Senate overcame bitter divisions on trade policy late Friday and passed legislation that gives President Barack Obama authority to swiftly conclude a landmark Pacific Rim trade accord.

Washington mansion murder suspect `did not act alone`

The prime suspect in a grisly killing of a wealthy Washington family-of-three and their maid did not act alone, prosecutors said Friday, as he was formally charged with first-degree murder.

Obama repeats commitment to Israel

US President Barack Obama repeated on Friday that his commitment to the security of Israel "is and always will be unshakeable", and that he will not accept a "bad deal" with Iran concerning its nuclear programme.

Hillary Clinton's 296 emails published

The US State Department has published online 296 emails from former secretary of state Hillary Clinton's account.

Iran enters Iraqi fight for key oil refinery: US officials

Iran has entered the fight to retake a major Iraqi oil refinery from Islamic State militants, contributing small numbers of troops, including some operating artillery and other heavy weapons in support of advancing Iraqi ground forces, US defense officials said today.

State Department releases first Clinton emails

The State Department on Friday released a first batch of emails by former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, relating to Libya and a 2012 militant attack on the US mission in Benghazi.

Iran nuclear deal 'will have my name on it': Obama

President Barack Obama says he has a personal stake in making sure that a nuclear agreement with Iran delivers on its promise.

US, Cuba close round of talks with no embassy announcement

The United States and Cuba still have no agreement on re-establishing embassies.

Obama's favourable rating highest in 2 years: Gallup

Americans' favourable ratings of Barack Obama have touched 53 per cent, marking the US President's highest score since September, 2013.

US not losing fight against Islamic State: Obama

President Barack Obama said in an interview published Thursday that the US is not losing the fight against the Islamic State radical group in Iraq and Syria, but he acknowledged that it will be necessary to intensify the training of Sunni militias in some zones to support Iraqi military forces.

Hillary Clinton sets date for big-bang campaign launch

After weeks of small-scale, small-town events with "everyday Americans," Hillary Clinton on Thursday set a date for the first major campaign rally of her 2016 presidential run.