Army prepares for Afghanistan massacre sentencing

Afghan villagers will have a chance to sit face-to-face with Staff Sgt Robert Bales for the first time since he stormed their mud-walled compounds in pre-dawn darkness and slaughtered 16 people, most of them women and children.

US soldier admits Afghan massacre, avoids death penalty

US soldier Robert Bales, who is accused of committing a massacre of 16 innocent Afghan villagers in March 2012, on Thursday pleaded guilty to the crime saying there was "not a good reason in this world" for his actions".

FBI warns of homegrown violence after Afghan massacre

Federal authorities have issued a warning there could be "acts of violence" across the US following the recent massacre of 16 civilians in Afghan.

Details emerge about US suspect in Afghan massacre

Five days after the Afghan massacre, a portrait of the 38-year-old staff sergeant is beginning to emerge, though it remains very sketchy.