Hollande hits new low in approval ratings

Francois Hollande`s approval ratings have slumped to a new low with fewer than one in four voters now backing the beleaguered French president.

US debt war plunges Obama’s approval ratings

Barack Obama`s job approval rating slumped to a personal low of 40 percent in an opinion survey.

Australian PM’s approval ratings up

A new poll, however, suggests support for Julia Gillard`s party has dropped.

Japan government support slides on handling of China row

Japan`s govt has urged calm and repeatedly said ties with China are vital.

Obama touches all time low in opinion poll

US President Barack Obama`s approval rating now stands at 42 percent.

Support for Japanese PM falls to 17 percent: Polls

Public support for Hatoyama fell after he decided to keep US base on Okinawa.

Obama jokes about approval ratings at WH correspondents dinner

With his approval rating hitting
an all-time low, US President Barack Obama has joked about it
and poked fun at his colleagues at an annual gala dinner with
White House correspondents.

Obama’s approval ratings most polarised ever

With Republicans overwhelmingly turning against him and Democrats remaining still largely supportive, President Barack Obama has received the most polarised approval ratings ever recorded during a president`s first year in office.

Obama may bounce back through State of Union address: Expert

Despite his declining approval ratings at the end of his first year in the office, President Barack Obama is likely to bounce back through Wednesday’s State of the Union Address, a political scientist has predicted.