Arctic sea ice depletion to result in rise of CO2 in atmosphere
Arctic sea ice depletion to result in rise of CO2 in atmosphere

A new study has revealed that Arctic Sea ice helps remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and its depletion would result in an increase of atmospheric concentration of the gas.

Snow cover on Arctic sea ice has thinned significantly: NASA

In an alarming revelation, NASA has confirmed that the snow on sea ice in the Arctic has thinned significantly in the last 50 years - by about a third in the western hemisphere and by half near Alaska.

Researchers stick by $60 trillion global cost of Arctic methane emissions

Economist Chris Hope and oceanographer Peter Wadhams have reportedly said that the impact of the Arctic warming will be felt throughout the world.

How declining Arctic sea ice may influence atmospheric circulation

Reductions in Arctic sea ice levels may influence patterns of atmospheric circulation both within and beyond the Arctic.

Arctic deep-sea litter doubles in last decade

Scientists have found the amount of debris lying on the ocean floor in the Arctic has doubled over the past decade.

CryoSat offers view of changes in Arctic sea-ice thickness

After almost a year and a half of operations, CryoSat has yielded its first seasonal variation map of Arctic sea-ice thickness.

`Loss of Arctic sea ice may up mercury deposits`

Declines in perennial Arctic sea ice over the past decade may be intensifying a chemical reaction that leads to deposits of toxic mercury.

Arctic sea `could be ice free by 2015`

Arctic Sea could be ice free by the summer of 2015, a leading ocean expert in Britain has claimed.

Arctic Sea could become iceless by century-end

The Arctic has been losing about 10 percent of its permanent ice layer every 10 years since 1980.

Summer Arctic sea ice melt near record

Arctic sea ice this summer melted to a record low extent or will come a close second, two different research institutes said on Tuesday, confirming a trend which could yield an ice-free summer within a decade.

Arctic ice level drops to new historic minimum

Arctic sea ice reached its lowest point this week since the start of satellite observations in 1972.

Melting Arctic ice releasing banned toxins

The `Dirty Dozen` chemicals were widely used as insecticides & pesticides before being outlawed in 2001.

First map of Arctic sea-ice thickness revealed

Scientists have revealed the first map of sea-ice thickness from ESA`s CryoSat mission.

No ice in Artic by 2030, warn scientists

Arctic sea ice melted over
the summer to cover the third smallest area on record.

Arctic sea ice melting faster: Study

Arctic sea ice melted 50% faster than the average rate during May 2010.

Russia says no arms found on `mystery hijacking` ship

The Arctic Sea ship seized by
alleged pirates a month ago does not contain any cargo that
compromises Moscow, Russian investigators said on Saturday, after
speculation it was carrying arms to Iran.

Russia denies Arctic Sea carried missiles to Iran

Russia on Tuesday vehemently denied that
a cargo ship whose supposed seizure by pirates sparked an
international mystery was carrying sophisticated Russian
anti-aircraft missiles bound for Iran.

Arctic Sea hijackers questioned in Russian jail

Russian authorities flew the suspected hijackers of the cargo vessel Arctic Sea to Moscow on Thursday and took them for interrogation, dismissing suggestions that the ship may have been carrying weapons.

Finland denies missing ship carries nuclear material

Finnish authorities dismissed talk on Sunday that the Arctic Sea was bearing a cargo of nuclear material, as Russia and NATO joined forces in an international hunt for the missing vessel.

Ransom demanded for missing Russian-crewed ship

A ransom has been sought for a Russian-crewed cargo vessel that vanished last month, officials said on Saturday, as the mystery surrounding the ship deepened despite it being spotted off Cape Verde.