Indian-origin researchers create `Robo Brain`

Two Indian-origin researchers have created a large computational system known as `Robo Brain`.

`Robo Brain` to teach robots how to mimic humans

Two Indian-origin researchers have created “Robo Brain” - a large-scale computational system that learns from publicly available internet resources - to teach robots how humans naturally behave.

Robots can be `casually` programmed to carry out instructions

Robots, who need specific instructions to conduct a task, can also be programmed by casually talking to them, according to a new research.

Soon, unmanned drone that dodges obstacles on its own

An unmanned drone that can avoid obstacles without human control has been developed by scientists including one of Indian origin.

Infants a model for robots?

Now, coming soon a robot which will easily find their way round in new environments and manipulate objects.

Affordable robots in just 10 years!

Soon, you could buy yourself a robot that would do domestic tasks for you, say scientists.