Blasphemy accused Scot shot by prison guard in Pak jail

A 70- year-old Scot awaiting execution in Pakistan over blasphemy charges was shot by a prison guard inside a jail.

Pak pastor forced to flee over blasphemy charges

A Pakistani pastor has been forced to abandon his house and flee in order to escape blasphemy charges after some of his parishioners accused him of defiling the Bible.

Paresh Rawal defends `Oh My God` against blasphemy charges

While a cacophony of protests rose against the anti-ritualistic attack on religion in Umesh Shukla`s ‘Oh My God’, the film`s leading man and co-producer Paresh Rawal remains unfazed.

Pak girl arrest on blasphemy charges disturbing: US

The US called the arrest of a young Pak girl on blasphemy charges "deeply disturbing" and praised Prez Asif Ali Zardari for coming out against it.

Pak man jailed for 3 yrs on blasphemy charges

A retired Pakistani school teacher, who had appealed against his one-month prison term on charges of blasphemy, has now been jailed for three years.

Civil society wants release of boy facing blasphemy charges

Samiullah has been in juvenile jail after he was arrested on January 29.