British embassy in Cairo reopens to the public

The British embassy in Cairo said on Tuesday it has resumed services to the public, nine days after they were suspended over security concerns about the mission`s main building.

UK Embassy in Cairo suspends public services for security reasons

The British embassy in Cairo suspended public services on Sunday for security reasons, a spokesman for the mission said.

UN condemns attack on British embassy vehicle

 The UN Security Council (UNSC) has condemned the attack on a British embassy vehicle in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Blasts, gunfire in Kabul after suicide bomber hits UK embassy car
Blasts, gunfire in Kabul after suicide bomber hits UK embassy car

Gunfire and explosions rocked Kabul on Thursday as Taliban militants attacked a central district that houses several embassies and foreign compounds, hours after a suicide bomber targeted a British embassy vehicle, killing six people.

Briton kidnapped in Yemen has been released: Foreign Office

Mike Harvey, who was abducted on Feb. 12 on his way from an educational institute, was at the British embassy in the capital Sanaa, it said in a statement.

British embassy reopens in Haiti after 47 years

Britain has reopened its embassy in Haiti after being absent for nearly a half century, a part of an effort to broaden its diplomatic and business presence in the Western Hemisphere.

EU condemns attacks on German, British embassies

The European Union (EU) Friday condemned the attacks against German and British embassies in Khartoum.

Attack on British embassy being probed: Iran

The assault had prompted Britain to close its embassy and
order Iran`s embassy in London shut.

Iran FM regrets storming of British embassy

Iran`s foreign minister reiterated that he regretted last month`s
storming of the UK embassy in Tehran.

Blast near British embassy in Bahrain: Ministry

An embassy spokesman confirmed there had been an
explosion but could not yet say if the embassy had been

Iran calls for calm in crisis with Britain

Iran called on the West to avoid a deepening diplomatic crisis following the storming of the British embassy in Tehran.

Iran releases students who stormed British Embassy

Iran has released 11 hardline protesters detained for storming the British Embassy and diplomatic compounds in Tehran this week.

UNSC condemns attack on British embassy in Tehran

The UN Security Council has
strongly condemned the attack on the British embassy in Tehran
and called on the Iranian authorities to ensure diplomatic and
consular property and personnel are protected.

`Hold to task guilty for attack on UK Embassy`

US President Barack Obama has
urged the Iranian Government to hold to task those responsible
for the attack on the British Embassy in Tehran.

Tehran Mayor orders suit against British embassy

Iran`s media says the Mayor of Tehran
has ordered a lawsuit to be filed contesting the ownership of
the land on which Britain`s embassy stands.

UK regrets loss of life in Nepal quake

Three persons were crushed to death when a wall of the British embassy compound collapsed in Kathmandu.

Iranians hurl eggs, tomatoes at British embassy

Crowds of people hurled eggs and
tomatoes at the British embassy in Tehran on Thursday after the MI6
spy chief said espionage was key to curbing Iran`s nuclear
drive, state news agency IRNA reported.

Rocket attack targets British embassy car in Yemen

A rocket attack damaged a UK diplomatic car in Sana`a, wounding 3 bystanders.

Militants fire at British Embassy in Yemen

Suspected Al Qaeda militants opened fire at the British embassy in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa, and fled the spot immediately.

US, British embassies in Yemen extend closure

The United States and Britain kept their embassies in Yemen closed for a second day on Monday over concerns about possible militant attacks after the failed Christmas Day bombing of a US-bound airliner, diplomats said.