Belgium: €250 bounty for reporting a veiled woman

Women in Belgium risk a maximum fine of EUR 150 if they wear a full-face veil in public.

Dutch government OKs burqa ban

In April last year, France became the first European country to ban people from concealing their faces in public in any manner.

Dutch government drafts burqa ban legislation

The Dutch PM says the government has drawn up legislation to ban face-covering veils such as the burqa worn by some Muslim women.

Italian Parliament Commission approves burqa ban

A draft law banning women from wearing veils was approved in Italy.

Terrorists threaten Belgium for burqa ban

A terrorism-monitoring
organization says jihadists are threatening Belgium for banning burqa.

Burqa ban in France is Britain`s gain

The burqa ban in France has led to resentment among wealthy shoppers from the Middle East who are now flocking to London for their shopping needs.

Burqa ban makes big deal of non-issue: Muslim leader

France is the first country in Europe to apply a ban on the wearing of burqa.

Two women held for flouting French burqa ban

Two veiled women were among several people arrested in Paris on Monday at a demonstration against France`s new ban on wearing full-face veils in public.

French burqa ban goes into force on Monday

France threatens burqa-clad women with fines if they refuse to expose faces.

France firm on burqa ban despite Osama’s threat

Osama threatens to kill French citizens in revenge for a law to ban veils.

Now, Shiv Sena demands ban on burqa

The Shiv Sena on Tuesday demanded a ban on burqa, calling the Muslim veil a threat to security interests.

Now Sena demands ban on burqa

Shiv Sena, which is facing flak over pushing Mumbai University to withdraw Rohinton Mistry`s Booker prize-nominated book, Tuesday opened a new front by calling for a ban on burqa (veil) worn by Muslim women.

French women protest burqa ban by wearing niqab, hot pants

The 2 students who took to the Paris streets called themselves “Niqabitches”.

Muslims in Oz protest against proposal to ban burqa

The protesters condemned burqa ban as part of the West`s "war on Islam".

Majority of Britons favour a ban on burqa

A majority of Britons - around 67 percent - want to see the burqa banned in the country.

French lawmakers to debate burqa ban

French lawmakers will on Tuesday debate
whether to ban the full-face Islamic veil in public, in the
country with Europe`s biggest Muslim community.

British MP seeks ban on `burqa`

MP has moved private members bill called Face Coverings (Regulation) Bill.

Spanish city plans Islamic veil ban

Barcelona could be 1st large city in Spain to ban veil in public buildings.

Another Frenchwoman fined for driving wearing niqab

French police fined a woman
for driving while wearing an Islamic veil, just weeks after a
similar incident sparked a major political row, officials said
on Thursday.

Swiss region wants nationwide burqa ban

Burqa is "a symbol of the domination of men over women”, says a Swiss lawmaker.