Japan PM Abe dividing China, India: Chinese daily

Accusing Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of "dividing" China and India, a state-run Chinese daily on Sunday said Indo-Japan ties face "huge uncertainty" in view of rise of BRICS and emerging Sino-Indian cooperation.

Modi will not take a tough stand against China: Chinese Daily

Prime Minister-designate Narendra Modi will not take a tough stand against China and smooth transition of foreign policy will be his first test, a media report said on Sunday.

China, India may come closer if Modi becomes PM: Chinese daily

China and India may come closer if BJP`s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi comes to power but his victory could upset the US and western powers, an article in an influential state-run Chinese daily said today.

Chinese daily apologises for backing detained scribe

Days after it used its front page to campaign for the release of its detained reporter, a Chinese newspaper on Sunday apologised for seriously damaging the credibility of the media after the journalist confessed that he had defamed a state-run firm in exchange for money.

India can be balancing power in triangular ties: Chinese daily

Indian can act as a balancing force in triangular relations like China-US-India and China-Russia-India, a leading Chinese daily commented.

Chinese daily warns India against Japan cooperation

Strategic cooperation with Japan "can only bring trouble to India", warned a state-run Chinese daily.

US shouldn`t be jealous with China, India ties: Daily

The visit of Premier Li Keqiang to India will promote a strategic partnership, a state-run daily said on Tuesday.

Terrorists are public enemies: Chinese daily

Terrorism has emerged in Xinjiang in recent years and is associated with international anti-China forces.

Self-immolations won`t help Dalai Lama: Chinese daily

The Dalai Lama and his supporters are doomed to fail in their attempt to attain Tibetan independence by stoking self-immolations.

Chinese daily slams US envoy`s comments on Tibet

Seven Tibetans reportedly set themselves afire last week taking the total in different areas of Tibet so far to about 60 since 2009.

Chinese daily`s publication halted to remove story on official

A state-run Chinese daily halted its printing midway to stop the publication of an article on the luxurious lifestyle of an official.

Why have fake rain for official inspection: Chinese daily

Firehoses used for fake rain during an official inspection in China`s Sichuan province triggered online protests.

Evolve an India policy with clear goals: Chinese daily to govt

An official Chinese daily has sought to strike a friendly note, asking the government to evolve a clear India policy.

Nuclear terrorism is for real, says Chinese daily

Compared to potential threats from nuke states, nuke terrorism is a more urgent threat, China`s People`s Daily warned.

Chinese daily indicts Indian diplomat

A Chinese state-run daily on Thursday
alleged that an Indian diplomat had tried to "secretly" take away two detained
Indian nationals.

`US-Pakistan ties close to collapse`

The killing of Osama by US special troops in May reveals America`s selfishness and distrust in Pakistan, the daily said.

Chinese daily calls India`s oil move ‘provocation’

China on Friday refused to join issue with India over its assertion to go ahead with oil exploration cooperation with Vietnam in the South China Sea.

9/11: `World no safer than 10 years back`

Two terrorist attacks - one in India and the other in Pakistan - show that the world is not safe, said a Chinese daily.

Anti-China coalition a US containment policy: Chinese daily

US President announces support for India as a permanent member in the UNSC.