Novak Djokovic aims to translate personal joy to professional success

Marriage and preparations for the birth of his first child left Novak Djokovic "a little flat" on the tennis court of late -- where better to turn things around than at the US Open.

David Letterman remembers friend Robin Williams

In a moving tribute to close friend Robin Williams, `Late Night` host David Letterman said like everyone else he had no idea that the actor-comedian, who committed suicide recently, was in so much pain.

`The Simpsons` pays tribute top comedian David Letterman

Hit animated TV show `The Simpsons` paid tribute to comedian David Letterman, as soon as he announced his retirement from the `Late Show`.

David Letterman to retire in 2015

Popular chat show host David Letterman has said he will retire when his contract of `The Late Show` ends next year.

David Letterman takes blame for 2009 sex scandal

David Letterman has said that he has no one to blame but himself for the 2009 sex scandal in which he admitted to having affairs with multiple ‘Late Show’ staff members.

David Letterman reveals battle with depression

David Letterman has opened up about his long battle with serious depression and his reluctance to get help -- particularly of the pharmaceutical kind.

Round midnight, US candidates hit TV talk-show circuit

When US presidential candidates meet with wealthy campaign donors, one might not expect late-night talk shows to be a burning topic of discussion.

Don’t vote for Mitt Romney: David Letterman

An American channel Host has asked Americans not to vote for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney if he does not appear on his show by Election Day on November 6.

Feds find more coerced sex victims of US man

Richard Finkbiner told some of his online victims that he intended to amass the largest collection of amateur pornography in the world.

Letterman set to surpass Johnny Carson’s late night talk show record

David Letterman is all set to become the longest running late-night talk show host in TV history.

Justin Bieber discusses paternity accusation with Letterman

David Letterman told Justin Bieber he could "smell a weasel" when the pop star was accused of fathering a fan`s baby.

David Letterman getting death threats

Talk show host David Letterman has reportedly received death threats from jehadis.

Eva Longoria ‘pops out of her plunging jacket’ during cookbook promo

Eva Longoria appeared on David Letterman’s ‘Late Show’ to promote her new cookbook, but she ended up revealing a lot more.

David Letterman gets highest honour at US comedy awards

Veteran chat show host David Letterman has been awarded the highest honor at the first annual US Comedy Awards in New York.

Phoenix to Letterman: I`m sorry

Phoenix apologized for his wacky appearance last year on Letterman`s show.

David Letterman threatened with blackmail: The Australian

Celebrity talk show legend David Letterman has admitted he had sexual relationships with female employees and that someone tried to extort him over the affairs.