East Jerusalem youth was burned alive, Palestinian official quoted as saying

Initial autopsy findings from the body of an East Jerusalem youth who Palestinians believe was kidnapped and killed by far-right Jews showed that he was burned alive, the Palestinian attorney-general is reported as saying.

Israel tightens grip on East Jerusalem with USD 90m plan

The Israeli on Sunday approved a USD 90 million dollar socio-economic development plan for annexed east Jerusalem which focuses on increased security and police presence in the area, the municipality said.

Australia reassures Muslim countries on Palestine

Australia`s foreign minister assured ambassadors from Arab and Islamic countries today that her government`s position on the Palestinian territories had not changed, despite the government changing its description of East Jerusalem from "occupied" to "disputed."

Israel okays 69 East Jerusalem homes before Kerry

An Israeli planning committee on Wednesday granted final approval for the construction of 69 east Jerusalem settler homes, an official said, on the eve of a visit by US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Canada breaks taboo on Israel East Jerusalem talks: Report

Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird met an Israeli minister in annexed Arab east Jerusalem this week, deliberately breaking a widely-observed diplomatic taboo.

Qatar asks for $1 bn for Palestinians in east Jerusalem

Qatar`s emir on Tuesday urged for USD 1 billion fund to help Palestinians in Arab east Jerusalem, and offered to contribute USD 250 million towards it.

India asks Israel to end its settlement activity

India has asked Israel to end its settlement activity in West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Netanyahu rejects calls to allow Palestinian state within 1967 lines

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to reject international demands to allow a Palestinian state with a border based on the pre-1967 Green Line and its capital in East Jerusalem.

More Israeli homes in east Jerusalem

Israel has fast-tracked a project to build 942 settler homes in east Jerusalem as part of the plan to tighten its grip on the territory.

Israel moves to further seal off Jerusalem from West Bank

Israeli officials have approved plans to build 2,612 new homes on Givat HaMatos.

US rebukes Israel’s new settlement plans in East Jerusalem

President Obama’s administration has admonished Israel for approving 1,500 new Jewish homes in Arab East Jerusalem.

Israel settler homes plan to remain ‘unchanged’

Israel has refused to bow down to international pressure to halt plans for 3,000 new settler homes in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Israel OKs settler homes, Hillary slams

The United States on Saturday reportedly criticised the decision taken by Israel to build 3,000 settler homes in east Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Palestinians win UN vote, Israel authorises settler homes

Israel has hinted at building 3,000 settler homes in east Jerusalem and the West Bank on Friday, according to a BBC news report.

Israel accuses Palestinian of spying for Hezbollah

Israel`s Shin Bet internal security agency says a Palestinian man has been charged with relaying information to Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon.

No limits on building in East Jerusalem: Israel

Israel announced construction of 800 homes for Jewish families in East Jerusalem.

No limits on Jerusalem construction: Israel`s PM

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is vowing to continue building in east Jerusalem, over the objection of Palestinians who claim the territory as capital of their hoped-for state.

Vatican, Israel to sign economic agreement

The Vatican is about to "indirectly recognise" Israel`s annexation of East Jerusalem, seen by many Palestinians as the future capital of their independent state, a media report on Monday said.

Muslims revive old pilgrimage route via Jerusalem

Palestinians say the only Arab visitors have been officials from Arab countries that have peace treaties with Israel.

Israel destroys Palestinian Bedouin homes: UN

UN agencies in the occupied West Bank said that Israel last week destroyed 21 homes of Palestinian Bedouin refugees.