Suu Kyi to make first Europe trip in 24 years

Suu Kyi will take her first trip to Europe in a quarter-century for a tour that includes her long-awaited acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize.

US President brings Mideast policy push on Europe, G8 trip

Barack Obama will visit Ireland, Britain, France and Poland next week.

South Korean President starts Europe trip

Lee Myung-Bak departed for a week-long visit to Germany, Denmark and France.

Hillary downplays threat to Pakistan nuke arsenal

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Sunday the Taliban siege of Pak Army HQ showed extremists are a growing threat in nuclear-armed American ally, but she contended they don`t pose a risk to the country`s atomic arsenal.

Russia warns Georgia as Biden visits

Russia vowed on Thursday to prevent its pro-Western neighbour Georgia from rearming and threatened nations who helped it, in a harsh warning timed to coincide with US Vice President Joe Biden`s visit to Tbilisi.