New FDA chief suspends official caught for graft on day one

 Senior IAS official Harshdeep Kamble, who took over as Maharashtra's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner on Wednesday, suspended an official for allegedly accepting a bribe.

New drug may cure diabetes at source

A modified form of the drug niclosamide - now used to eliminate intestinal parasites - may hold the key to battling Type 2 diabetes at its source, says a study.

US approves Boehringer`s once-a-day inhaler drug

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new long-acting inhaler drug from Boehringer Ingelheim to treat people with chronic lung disease.

Johnson & Johnson halts sale of device used in fibroid surgery

American pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has suspended sales of the devices used in fibroid surgery amid concerns about their potential to spread a rare but deadly cancer, reported The Wall Street Journal.

E-cigarettes to be regulated under new US plan

US regulators proposed new restrictions today on the soaring 2 billion USD market in e-cigarettes, which until now have been free from federal oversight.

Bidi brand banned in US

Food and Drug Administration has banned a tobacco company from selling their bidi products.

Man goes blind after using herbal eye drops

A Thai man whose sight was affected due to an accident has lost his vision after using herbal medicine.

In US, not all drugs are reviewed equally: Study

Consumers may expect that medical treatments approved for the US market are safe and thoroughly tested, but a study out Tuesday said that is not always the case.

ADHD drugs may cause prolonged and painful erections

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder pills can cause prolonged and painful erections, it has been revealed.

Health risks of daily use of antibacterial soaps may outweigh benefits

The Food and Drug Administration in America has ordered a safety review of antibacterial soaps after a new study warned that such products contain ingredients that make humans resistant to antibiotics.

Protein that helps dissolve Alzheimer`s plaque identified

Researchers have discovered a way of traversing the blood-brain barrier, as well as a similar physiological obstacle in the eye, the retinal-blood barrier.

US approves breakthrough drug for hepatitis C

US has approved a breakthrough therapy for treatment of chronic hepatitis C that is expected to offer a more palatable cure to millions of people infected with the liver-destroying viral disease.

`Fresher` blood donations better for recipients

Some researchers are advocating for a modernized blood management system to potentially reduce patient complications.

Spice allergies affecting foodies and cosmetics users alike

Spices are one of the most widely used products in foods, cosmetics and dental products, but as they are not regulated by U.S. Food and Drug Administration, it becomes difficult for people suffering from allergies to identify or avoid them.

Gutka, pan masala seized from Narnaul

In a joint operation, Haryana Health Department and Food and Drug Administration seized a huge quantity of gutka and pan masala from Narnaul city.

FDA seals medical store, illegal medicines seized

FDA officials sealed a medical store in the Ambala city for the illegal sale of Schedule H medicines, often misused by drug addicts.