Britain says head of eavesdropping agency to step down

Britain announced that the head of GCHQ, the secret eavesdropping agency that has come under scrutiny following leaks by former US analyst Edward Snowden, is to stand down.

NSA, GCHQ use Google cookies to spy on suspects

The US and UK intelligence agencies use Google`s proprietary cookie technology to track suspects, according to the latest revelations from leaked NSA documents.

`Europe`s spies work together on mass surveillance`

Spy agencies across Western Europe are working together on mass surveillance of Internet and phone traffic comparable to programs run by their US counterpart denounced by European governments, Britain`s Guardian newspaper reported.

UK secretly tapping fibre-optic cables: Snowden

Britain`s electronic eavesdropping agency has gained secret access to fibre-optic cables carrying global Internet traffic and telephone calls, The Guardian said.

Britain snooped on G20 summit delegates in 2009: Report

The latest expose on snooping comes just hours ahead of a G8 summit that is due in North Ireland today.

UK set for sweeping Internet, phone monitoring

Currently, British agencies can monitor calls and e-mails of specific individuals after obtaining ministerial approval.