Now, a film on the Haiti quake

Movie buffs at the Latin American and Caribbean Film Festival in Helsinki, Finland, were shown how a devastating earthquake in Haiti affected the lives of thousands of people.

Police nab 30 in pre-dawn raid on Haiti quake camp

UN and Haitian police raided a crowded earthquake survivor camp on Friday to capture 30 criminal suspects.

Up to 300,000 people killed in Haiti quake: UN

Haiti`s devastating January 12 earthquake killed between 250,000 and 300,000 people, the head of the United Nations mission in the country has said.

Red tape idles aid trucks at Haiti`s border

After six days of waiting at Haiti`s border, Mario Polanco was losing patience with the red tape holding up his truck full of earthquake relief supplies.

US, Cuba hold rare meeting at UN, with Haiti focus

Cuban and US diplomats have held a rare meeting at the United Nations that focused on aid efforts for quake-hit Haiti, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla said.

World raises nearly $10 bn for quake-hit Haiti

The global community on Wednesday pledged nearly USD 10 billion for Haiti over more than three years to put the quake-ravaged nation back on its feet.

Bill Clinton asks donors to make Haiti self-sufficient

Former US president Bill Clinton is urging the aid groups serving Haiti`s devastated communities to help rebuild the country`s government and ultimately put themselves out of business by fostering a self-sufficient nation.

Obama seeks $2.8 bn for quake-hit Haiti

US President Barack Obama is asking Congress for USD 2.8 billion in emergency funding for the reconstruction effort in Haiti following January`s devastating earthquake.

Former US Presidents try to keep world attention on Haiti

Former US Presidents Bill Clinton and George W Bush visited Port-au-Prince and promised Haitians the world had not forgotten them.

Frustrations await George W Bush, Bill Clinton visit to Haiti

One restored a Haitian president to power; the other flew him back out again. Former US presidents Bill Clinton and George W Bush are visiting Haiti on Monday, reminding the country of its tumultuous recent past.

Japan to boost Haiti aid to $100 mn: Report

Japan will boost its aid to quake-hit Haiti to USD 100 million, a report said on Friday as the country`s foreign minister prepared to visit the impoverished Caribbean nation this weekend.

Haiti reconstruction estimated at USD 11.5bn

Haiti needs USD 11.5bn over 3 years to rebuild after Jan earthquake devastated one of the world`s poorest countries, a World Bank and UN estimate have found.

Women, girls rape victims in Haiti quake aftermath

When the young woman needed to use the toilet, she went out into the darkened tent camp and was attacked by three men.

UN chief visiting Haiti today

Two months after a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is visiting the country for a second time on Sunday, to assess the situation on the ground and to prepare for the upcoming donors conference.

US troops withdrawing en masse from Haiti

The US troops are withdrawing from the shattered capital, leaving many Haitians anxious that the most visible portion of international is ending even as the city is still mired in misery and vulnerable to unrest.

90,000 jobs lost in quake-hit Haiti: UN agency

Some 90,000 jobs have been lost in Haiti following the devastation of January`s earthquake, a UN agency said today.

EU envoy visits Haiti, defends lateness of trip

European Union foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton visited quake-hit Haiti with pledges of long-term aid and sought to defend her delay in making the trip.

Haiti crisis is ‘unprecedented’ so far: UN

Terming the destruction in Haiti as "unprecedented", a senior UN official has said it is the most serious challenge posed to the world body so far and methods of providing relief have exceeded their capacity.

All Haitian `orphans` with Baptists had parents: Report

There is not one orphan among the 33 children that a US Baptist group tried to take from Haiti in a do-it-yourself rescue mission following a devastating earthquake, a report has claimed.

Govt to take land for temporary camps: Haiti PM

Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive says the Haitian government will appropriate land to build temporary camps for earthquake victims.