Put narcissists in others` shoes to arouse empathy

People with narcissistic tendencies can feel empathy for another person`s suffering if they are persuaded to take that person`s perspective.

Now, headsets to measure your heart rate

A startup company Cosinuss has showcased a headset that helps you measure your heart rate.

Revolutionary electronic membrane could make your heart beat forever

Scientists have created a revolutionary new electronic membrane that could replace pacemakers forever.

Why heart rate decreases with age

Researchers have tried to look into the age-old question as to why maximum heart rate (maxHR) decreases with age.

Puzzle of how heart regulates its beat solved

A long-withstanding puzzle as to how the heart regulates its beat appears to have been solved, paving way for better understanding of heart failure.

Moderate alcohol intake `ups irregular heart beat in heart disease patients`

Even “moderate” drinkers have a higher risk of atrial fibrillation (AF) than low-alcohol consumers

See the heart beating on this new MRI system!

German scientists developed one of the world`s most powerful magnetic resonance imaging systems.