Honduras coup was international conspiracy: Zelaya

Manuel Zelaya ended his long exile and returned to Honduras on Saturday.

Honduras judge clears military generals in the coup

An SC judge cleared Honduras` military commanders Tuesday in the coup that toppled Manuel Zelaya.

Honduras sets deadline for Argentine diplomats

The military-backed regime in Honduras has given Argentine diplomats until Friday to leave the country, the latest escalation in a tit-for-tat political dispute between the two nations.

US military denies role in Honduras coup flight

The US military said on Sunday its troops in Honduras did not know of and played no role in a flight that took ousted president Manuel Zelaya to exile during a military coup.

Argentina expels Honduran Ambassador for supporting coup

Argentina has expelled the Honduran Ambassador over her support for a coup that ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya, the Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday.

Violent protests hit isolated Honduras

Honduran police fired tear gas to disperse thousands of angry demonstrators, as ousted president Manuel Zelaya called on the United States to do more to resolve the crisis.

Honduras accepts OAS chief as `observer`

Honduras` interim government backed off its refusal of a visit by foreign delegates aimed at resolving the country`s political crisis.

Soldiers occupy Honduras hospitals as strikes spread

Soldiers have occupied state hospitals in an increasingly tense Honduras as health workers declared an indefinite strike calling for the return of ousted president Manuel Zelaya.

Supporters of ousted leader plan Honduras marches

Supporters of ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya plan to begin a five-day march on the country`s two main cities starting on Wednesday, organisers said.

Ousted Zelaya on Honduras border, criticises US

Defying US criticism, ousted president Manuel Zelaya returned for a second day to Honduras` land border to try to put pressure on the coup leaders who threw him out of the country last month.