After Modi visit, India-US to collaborate in vaccines, parks

Besides giving a much-needed boost to the bilateral strategic partnership, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the US also saw the two countries agreeing to collaborate in developing affordable vaccines to combat dengue, malaria, and tuberculosis and to manage wildlife parks in India, like Corbett, Gir and Panna.

The geopolitical context of India-US ties

From Jawaharlal Nehru’s visit in 1949 to Narendra Modi’s upcoming trip in September 2014, a number of leaders of the world’s largest democracy have been hosted by the world’s oldest democracy.

PM Narendra Modi to meet Obama on Sept 29-30

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet President Barack Obama at the White House on September 29 and 30, US officials said on Monday.

`Instead of crying about Pak to US, India should bolster its counter-terrorism capabilities`

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was a persona non grata for the United States of America since the 2002 Gujarat riots, is all set to be the guest of Washington in September.

Time to reset India-US ties: Indian-Americans

With Narendra Modi all set to become the Prime Minister, Indian-Americans feel that "policy paralysis" would be a thing of the past and want India and the US to reset their strategic relationship.

Indian elections influenced US decision on Special 301 Review

The desire of the Obama Administration to start its relationship with the new Indian government after the general elections on a positive note is believed to have been one of the major reasons for the US Trade Representatives not putting India on its punitive Priority Foreign Country list.

Robust India-US trade ties important: Bera

Amid an overall growth in the economic and trade ties between India and the US, a robust trading relationship between the two countries is important, Ami Bera, the only Indian-American lawmaker in the Congress, has said.

Indian lawmakers hail India-US ties

The situation in Afghanistan and India`s relationship with Iran did come up during the talks.

Three keys to make India-US ties soar

A leading US think tank has proposed three key focused policy initiatives - a bilateral investment treaty, accelerated defence trade and educational collaboration.

‘India did not say no to Panetta on Afghanistan’

Pentagon refuted the Taliban statement that New Delhi resisted Leon Panetta`s call for greater Indian involvement in Afghanistan.

India enjoys strategic autonomy in ties: Blake

The US does not always expect India to toe its line and recognises New Delhi`s strategic autonomy, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, Robert Blake has said.

India, US on same side on freedom: Envoy

The India-US relationship is defined by a pragmatic realisation that they are on the same side on eliminating forces threatening their freedom and development, Nirupama Rao said.

India-US ties have lost momentum: US experts

Two US experts have said US-India relations need "careful nurturing" to regain the "lost momentum".

Hacking the Hyphen

India and Pakistan both serve purposes of the Americans, albeit different ones.

Pranab meets Hillary, discusses bilateral ties

Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee met US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and National Security Adviser Tom Donilon to discuss bilateral and
regional issues.

For Pak, India-US ties a zero sum game: Hillary

Pakistan looks at itself through the prism of India, according to Hillary Clinton.

Arms sales can boost India-US ties: US experts

With India planning to buy $100 billion worth of new weapons over the next 10 years, arms sales may be the best way for the US to revive stagnating US-India relations, according to two US experts.

India, US say WikiLeaks not to affect ties

External Affairs Minister SM Krishna invited Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to visit India for the second round of the strategic dialogue.

`Burgeoning India-US ties a threat to Pak`

US President Barack Obama’s recent visit to India has left Pakistan unnerved.

Hacking the Hyphen

India and Pakistan both serve purposes of the Americans, albeit different ones.