IAF, experts debunk theory of Malaysian plane being used for 9/11-type attack

Theory that missing Malaysian aircraft could be hijacked for 9/11-type attack on India was debunked by IAF and experts who said it would not have escaped detection had it entered Indian air space.

US choppers on Osama mission crossed Indian airspace?

The path taken by two American MH-47 Chinook helicopters to Abbottabad in Pak to kill Osama bin Laden in May last year has triggered a controversy with questions being raised as to whether they flew over the Indian air space.

‘Pak planes violated air space 23 times in 3 yrs’

Pakistani military planes have violated Indian air space 23 times in the past three years, Defence Minister AK Antony said on Monday.

2 Pak aircraft detected close to Indian air space

Two Pak aircraft flew close to international border, triggering an air defence alert of IAF.

Three Pak choppers violate Indian air space: Official sources

Three Pakistani military helicopters
reportedly violated Indian airspace over the R S Pura sector
in Jammu on Tuesday.

Pilot errors make Indian air space a dangerous place

The Mangalore air-crash has proved, if proof were needed that Indian air space remains a dangerous place for air travellers.

Chinese copters entered Indian air space: Report

Two Chinese helicopters reportedly violated the Indian air space recently in Leh area of north J&K.