`Indian men have lesser lifespan, more disease-prone`

Having a lesser life span than women, Indian men are also two to four times more prone to cancer, stone diseases, suicides and heart attacks and five to six times more likely to fall prey "lifestyle diseases", an expert said Thursday.

Smoking rate declining among Indian men

A new research from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington has revealed that India has made progress in reducing the prevalence of daily smoking among men.

Indian men smoking like never before

While the US is upbeat at reducing number of tobacco users, there has been an alarming growth in the number of daily smokers globally, including in India.

Appeal of jewellery growing among Indian men

The desire to wear jewellery is not limited to women any more as more and more men, especially in the metro cities, are buying and wearing jewellery as daily accessory, according to a report by the Platinum Guild.

Blonde hair not the way for Indian men

Be it popular fashion designer Rohit Bal or superstar Shah Rukh Khan, men no longer shy away from going blonde. But experts suggest not to go overboard with the hair colour.

17 Indian men return home from UAE prison

Seventeen people from Punjab and Haryana, who were on death row in the UAE, landed at Delhi airport Tuesday experiencing freedom for the first time in nearly three years after being freed by a court.

Indian men conservative: British designer

Men make cautious buyers, but Indian men are even more conservative and traditional when it comes to their dressing style, feels British designer Fabian Lintott, who is currently in India to launch a new range of bags.

`Half of Indian men with erectile dysfunction are diabetic`

Diabetes is emerging as a leading cause of erectile dysfunction among Indian men.

Indian men enjoy role-playing in bedroom?

According to a survey, one in four Indian men admit to having an affair while 12 percent enjoy role-playing in the bedroom.

Divorced Indian men prefer single women when marrying again

Over half of divorced Indian men prefer single women when it comes to marriage again.

Indian men more prone to heart ailments than women

A survey suggets that Indian men more prone to heart ailments than women.

Indian men more prone to heart ailments than women

A survey suggets that Indian men more prone to heart ailments than women.

Alcohol killing Indian men in Britain: Study

Indian men in Britain are more
susceptible to alcohol-related problems than white British
males, according to scientific study published on Wednesday.