Tunisia`s ex-premier quits own Islamist party

Tunisia`s former premier and Ennahda secretary general Hamadi Jebali announced on Facebook Thursday that he was stepping down from the Islamist party as he no longer agreed with its policies.

Bangladesh`s besieged Islamist party fights for life

Bangladesh`s largest Islamist party faces an existential crisis after a series of body blows, including the sentencing to death of its leaders and abandonment by its main secular ally, say analysts.

Tunisia's secular party wins 85 seats in parliament, Islamist party 69

Tunisia`s leading secular party Nidaa Tounes won 85 seats in the new 217-member parliament after Sunday`s election, while Islamist party Ennahda secured 69 seats, according to results released by electoral authorities on Thursday.

Convicted Bangladeshi war crimes mastermind dies

Convicted war criminal Ghulam Azam, one of the most high profile leaders of Bangladesh`s largest Islamist party, has died.

Bangladesh`s largest Islamist party enforces nationwide strike

Bangladesh`s largest Islamist party enforced a nationwide dawn-to-dusk strike Thursday in protest against the death sentence handed down to its chief in a 10-year-old arms smuggling case.

Tunisia assembly begins voting on new constitution

Tunisia`s national assembly on Friday began voting on the long-delayed new constitution, which must be adopted by January 14, the third anniversary of the 2011 revolution.

Islamist party leader killed in Bangladesh

An Islamist party leader was killed in a gunfight in Bangladesh`s Sathkhira district Monday afternoon amid country`s opposition`s "march for democracy" agitation.

Tunisian parties pick PM to pave way for election: Reports

Tunisia`s ruling Islamist party and its opponents have named Industry Minister Mehdi Jomaa as prime minister in a caretaker technocrat cabinet to govern until elections next year, three sources close to negotiations said on Saturday.

Security increased for foreigners in eastern Libya

Security for foreign instructors has been increased after an American teacher was shot to death while jogging in Benghazi, amid fears that the death was not an isolated attack but rather one of an increasing number of targeted killings by Islamic militants or other gunmen with a strong presence in the volatile eastern Libyan city.

Mauritania holds elections despite wide boycott

Mauritania holds nationwide elections on Saturday overshadowed by a boycott of the "radical" opposition -- apart from an Islamist party that calls its participation a struggle against "dictatorship".

Libya`s Islamist party leader says PM failed

The leader of Libya`s Muslim Brotherhood political party says the country`s prime minister, who was briefly abducted by militia members earlier this week, has failed and needs to be replaced.

Egypt hardline Islamist party heals rift, for now

Leaders of Egypt`s largest ultraconservative Islamist party have put aside their differences, settling at least temporarily a leadership dispute that threatened to break up the country`s second-largest political bloc.

Tunisia`s newly elected assembly gets to work

Lawmakers were elected last month in Tunisia`s first free vote — the first resulting from the Arab Spring protests.

Partial Tunisia results: Islamist party has 44%

Tunisian authorities have been slow in announcing results because they`re taking extra care with the counting.

Islamist party pulls out of Tunisian reform talks

The pullout is the latest sign of tension between Tunisia`s emerging political forces.

Tunisia ends 20-year ban for Islamist party

A Tunisian Islamist party banned for
more than 20 years was legalised on Wednesday, while the country`s
most prominent opposition figure quit the unity government
amid renewed uncertainty about where Tunisia is headed.

Denmark minister probes banning Islamist party

Hizb-ut-Tahrir`s goal is to establish a global Islamic caliphate.

B`desh Jamaat plan street protests amid fears of `war crimes`

Bangladesh`s largest Islamist party
Jamaat vowed to take to the streets amid fears that its
top leaders, who are in jail for defying court orders, may be
incarcerated for a long time in the 1971 `war crime` cases.