Madhesi parties and the Maoist form alliance

Nepal`s main opposition party UCPN (Maoist) and six Madhesi parties on Thursdaty formed an alliance to push for their demand of identity-based federalism.

Madhesi parties in Nepal to join Federal Democrati

A grouping of Madhesi parties has decided to form an alliance to reach a consensus on drafting a new Constitution.

Madhesi parties to protest on Nepal dress code

The Madhesi parties demanded economic and political rights including more representation in the state structure.

Nepal: Talks on power devolution rejected

Nepal`s Terai plains are home to about half of the
country`s 30 million people, and the residents of the region,
are known as Madhesis, who are of Indian ethnic origin.

Nepali Congress, Maoists woo Madhesi parties to head govt

Nepal`s two largest parties,
Nepali Congress and UCPN-Maoist, who are in the race to form a
new government on Sunday stepped-up efforts to woo the Terai-based
Madhesi parties.

Nepal`s Madhesi parties claim right to lead new govt

Amid the deadlock over
government formation in Nepal, Terai-based Madhesi parties
have claimed the right to lead a new coalition in a bid to
meet the new deadline set by President Ram Baran Yadav.

Hindi row: ‘Hurt’ Madhesi parties to back Nepal govt

The Terai-based Madhesi parties on Monday said they will continue to support the moderate Communist-led government but asked it to amend the Constitution to allow public office holders to take oath in their mother tongue.