Scientists carry out first rock dating experiment on Mars

Scientists have, for the first time, successfully determined the age of a Martian rock through experiments being carried out on the Red Planet.

Curiosity Mars rover recovering from memory glitch

NASA`s Mars rover Curiosity is undergoing a brain transplant - a complex sequence of steps to switch operations to a backup flight computer- amid ongoing analysis to figure out how to resolve memory corruption

Large dust storm brewing on Mars

A NASA spacecraft has been tracking a vast dust storm on Mars that has spawned changes in the Martian atmosphere felt by two rovers on the planet’s surface.

Mars rover finds objects that look `man-made`

Mars rover Curiosity’s exploration of the red planet has revealed something odd—it has dug up some bright objects that look man-made.

Curiosity sends data about composition of Martian surface

Members of the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover ChemCam team are thrilled as the laser instrument`s first analyzes yield beautiful results.