Pluto-bound NASA spacecraft crosses Neptune`s orbit exactly 25 years after Voyager 2

NASA`s Pluto-bound New Horizons spacecraft on Monday crossed the orbit of Neptune, which is its last major crossing before it reaches its final destination Pluto.

Vintage NASA spacecraft set for interplanetary probe

A team of scientists is priming a 36-year-old NASA spacecraft named International Sun-Earth Explorer 3 spacecraft, ISEE-3, to enter new science frontiers.

NASA spacecraft poised to launch for clues on Martian air

NASA is preparing to launch its latest orbiter to Mars today on the hunt for clues about why the Red Planet lost much of its atmosphere.

NASA spacecraft to study Moon`s atmosphere

NASA hopes to unravel more of the Moon`s mysteries today by launching an unmanned mission to study its atmosphere, the US space agency`s third such probe in five years.

NASA spacecraft exploring solar system`s edge

A long-running NASA spacecraft that`s been exploring the fringes of the solar system has entered new territory.

Jupiter-bound craft snaps pic of Earth and Moon

A NASA spacecraft cruising toward Jupiter glanced back and snapped a rare picture of Earth and the Moon.

NASA craft shows Earth swallowed by solar storm

A NASA spacecraft has watched a solar storm engulf our planet for the first time.

Scientists stunned by surface of asteroid Vesta

The first close-up pics of asteroid Vesta reveal a northern hemisphere littered with craters including a trio nicknamed "Snowman" and a smoother southern half.

NASA spacecraft will pluck samples from asteroid

A NASA spacecraft will reach out and touch an asteroid and send pieces back to Earth.

NASA spacecraft unravels comet mystery

A NASA spacecraft`s flyby with a comet showed erosion on the Tempel 1`s surface.

NASA spacecraft, comet set for Valentine’s Day rendezvous

NASA’s Stardust spacecraft would be redirected to pass within 200 Kms of comet Tempel 1 on the V-Day.

NASA spacecraft, comet fated for V-Day

NASA`s spacecraft would be redirected to pass within 200 kms of comet Tempel 1 on Valentine`s Day.

NASA craft prepares for Valentine`s Day date with comet

NASA`s spacecraft Stardust-NexT is preparing for a date on Valentine`s Day with comet Tempel 1.

NASA spacecraft passes closer to take pics of comet

NASA spacecraft has passed within 700km of a comet taking its pictures in unprecedented detail.