Nepal parties draw roadmap to promulgate constitution

A `mini Parliament` attended by representatives from all political parties and ethnic groups, has recommended a roadmap to promulgate the Constitution by reinstating the c for a "brief period".

Nepal parties deadlock over peace process

The ruling UCPN-Maoist slammed the opposition parties for
obstructing the 2006 peace process.

Nepal parties hope to build on deal on ex-rebels

The leaders of the country`s four main parties agreed to integrate one-third of the former Maoist rebels into the Army.

Nepal parties seek more time to form government

Sixteen rounds of polling in Parliament have failed to produce any result.

Nepal parties fail to make progress on govt formation

Nepal`s political parties
failed to make any progress in setting up a national
government as a key meeting of the three main parties did not
take place on Saturday amid deepening differences between them.

Nepal Prez asks major parties to forge consensus

With just a day left for expiry of the Constituent Assembly`s term, Prez Ram Baran Yadav asks top parties to forge consensus on continuation of the House.

Nepal parties should fix President`s powers: UN

Ignoring a rebuff by Nepal`s ruling parties, a top UN official is suggesting that parties fix the powers of Prez Ram Baran Yadav.