Pakistan daily salutes Sachin Tendulkar`s durability

Sachin Tendulkar`s durability and consistency set him apart from his contemporary greats and he was "indisputably best batsman of the world" at one stage, a Pakistani daily wrote in its editorial tribute to the just-retired cricket legend.

Pak accuses India of violating Indus Water Treaty Accord

Pakistan military`s official monthly magazine has accused India of indulging in water offensive by violating Indus Water Treaty Agreement.

India must ensure security of women: Pak daily

The Indian govt should do "something serious and long lasting to bring about an atmosphere that is conducive for women to live in peace and security in India", said a Pakistani daily.

Insane to accuse girl of blasphemy: Pak daily

The daily said that this is not the only case of so-called blasphemy followed blindly and taken up as a matter of life and death.

Exporting jehad led to internal warfare: Pak daily

A Pakistani daily noted that most terror networks operating in Pakistan were nurtured by the state.

Pakistan daily stresses need for addressing Balochistan`s alienation

The Daily Times editorial said that Balochistan should be brought into the mainstream by creating more employment opportunities and development projects for the province.

Keep away from Pakistan, Pak daily tells Musharraf

A Pak daily said that threats to former prez`s life were real.