Firing will sour Pakistan, India ties for years: Daily

The continuing firing across the Pakistan, India border "comes at the cost of souring bilateral relations for years to come", said a Pakistani daily Friday.

Stop violence in Saharanpur, says Pakistani daily

The communal violence in Indian town of Saharanpur should be halted at once before it spreads and becomes uncontrollable, a Pakistani daily said in an editorial.

Pakistani daily concerned over India`s hiked defence budget

New Delhi`s rationale for increasing the defence budget is "consistent with the shift in the Indian government`s ideology to more nationalistic elements under Prime Minister Narendra Modi", said a Pakistani daily Monday.

Read Modi`s intentions with political realism: Pakistani Daily

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visiting or not visiting India to attend his counterpart Narendra Modi`s swearing-in ceremony is not the issue but Pakistanis need to read Modi`s intentions with political realism, a leading daily said Saturday.

Modi will take along Muslims, neighbours: Pakistani daily

Given Narendra Modi`s substantial experience as chief minister, it is unlikely that he will overtly antagonise either India`s sizeable Muslim minority, or its neighbours, a Pakistani daily said.

Don`t talk of war with India: Pakistani daily

With tension along the Indian border abating, "all talks of war" should be avoided, said a Pakistani daily Saturday.

Disaster in India leaves Pakistani daily worried

Pakistan must closely watch for weather systems approaching the country that may cause a disaster situation,following the calamity in India`s Uttarakhand.

Revive Pakistan`s film industry, says Pakistani daily

Much needs to be done for reviving Pakistan`s film industry, said a leading Pakistani daily Friday.

No more dictators: Pakistani daily

The country wants a solid democratic order "free of dictators", a leading Pakistani daily said on Wednesday.

‘Rule of law has collapsed in Pakistan’

It is unfortunate that the rule of law has collapsed in Pakistan and that justice is a distant dream, a Pakistani daily said after all the six witnesses to a journalist`s murder were killed.

Pak daily bats for official who spoke trade with India

Secretary Water and Power Zafar Mehmood is the latest in a long line of people to be handed the "poisoned chalice of `power`."

Manmohan Singh must visit Pakistan: Daily

Pak-India relationship is drifting again since there is next to nothing to show on the "fiendishly difficult" fronts a leading Pakistani daily said.

No free lunch: Pakistani daily on $5.5 bn aid

The World Bank`s decision to provide the assistance over the next 3 years should "somewhat ease the financial troubles of the cash-strapped govt.

Dev Anand is forever, says Pakistani daily

Dev Anand who left Lahore in 1943 at the age of 19 with just Rs.30 in his pocket and went on to become an iconic actor-director would have scoffed at all the "end of an era" cliches in his obituaries, said a Pakistani daily.

`India needs schemes to deradicalise society`

India needs a comprehensive plan to fight terrorism, said a Pakistani daily.

Anna has caught world`s attention: Pakistani daily

Anna Hazare`s determination to have a strong Lokpal Bill has caught the world`s attention, said a Pakistani daily on Sunday.

Nod-and-wink approach to drones demeaning: Pakistani daily

WikiLeaks suggests Pakistan`s Army Chief had backed US drone attacks.

Deep freeze after Mumbai attacks thawing: Pakistani daily

An editorial notes signs of easing of tensions between Pakistan and India.

Tug of war going on between ISI and CIA: Pakistani daily

It adds the US was in "in no mood" to scale down operations in tribal areas.

Shocking but expected, says Pakistani daily on transit scam

The national exchequer is estimated to have suffered a revenue loss of up to Rs 37 billion in the last four years.