Syria official says peace talks possible in November

Asked at a press conference in Moscow if the talks have been pushed back to late November or early December, Syrian deputy prime minister Qadri Jamil said they could take place "November 23-24".

Syria`s war has reached stalemate: Deputy PM

A senior Syrian official has said the country`s conflict has reached a stalemate.

Syrian official blames rebels for deadly attack

Syria`s deputy prime minister has said that foreign fighters and their international backers are to blame for a purported chemical weapons attack near Damascus that the opposition says killed at least 100 people

‘Assad’s resignation not a pre-condition for talks`

Talks on Assad’s resignation can only take place once the dialogue begin and Assad’s exit won`t be a pre-condition for that, Syria`s Deputy PM said.

Syrian govt planning talks with Opposition: Russia

The Syrian government is preparing for an immediate political dialogue with the Opposition, according to Russian Foreign Ministry.