Top Saudi cleric urges Muslims to fight ISIS jihadists

Saudi Arabia's top cleric has urged Muslims to confront the "oppressive" Islamic State jihadist group if it fights Muslims after seizing swathes of Iraq and Syria, media reports said on Sunday.

Saudi cleric says Islam prohibits women from visiting male doctors alone

A top Saudi Arabia cleric has reportedly said that Saudi women are becoming negligent by visiting male doctors without being accompanied by a male guardian.

80-yr-old Saudi cleric performs 60 Hajjs

An 80-year-old Saudi cleric has performed the annual Hajj pilgrimage to holy city of Mecca 60 times, an act that could enlist his name in the Guinness World Record book for performing the most number of Hajjs.

Using air-conditioners by women immoral: Saudi cleric

Salafists and Wahhibists are ultra-conservatives of Sunni Muslims hailing from Saudi Arabia and have issued frequent fatwas in the past.

Saudi cleric urges youth not to join Syria rebels

A Saudi cleric has advised Muslim youth against joining Syrian rebel fighters in the 19-month civil war against President Bashar Assad`s regime.

Saudi cleric sees `devil` behind suicide attacks

A top Saudi cleric has slammed
suicide attacks by Islamist martyrdom-seekers as devilish acts
that do not qualify as jihad.

Muslim women can respect veil bans: Saudi cleric

A leading Saudi cleric hit out at France for moving to ban Muslim face-veils, but approved Muslim women foregoing veils when visiting a country which outlaws them, a report said on Saturday.

Saudi cleric sues to block women teaching young boys: Report

A Saudi Islamic scholar has sued to
block an education ministry move to allow female teachers to teach young schoolboys in private schools, Arab News reported on Tuesday.