Thousands protest in Bulgaria against government

Thousands of people protested in Bulgaria for a third day on Sunday against the government dismissing prime minister`s bid to calm public outrage by reversing a controversial appointment of country`s top security chief.

Iran`s security chief stresses support for Syria

Iran`s supreme national security council chief Saed Jalili stressed Saturday that his country will keep supporting Syria.

China appoints new security chief

China`s top legislature appointed Guo Shengkun as minister of public security, replacing Meng Jianzhu.

Security chief during Mexico`s `dirty war` dies

Miguel Nazar Haro was accused of being behind the disappearances of alleged leftist guerrillas in the 1970s.

Trial of Mubarak`s security chief resumes in Cairo

Mubarak, el-Adly and the six police officials face death penalty if convicted.

Norway attacks work of lone man: Security chief

The man who admitted killing 76 people in a bombing and youth camp massacre last week is a sociopath who acted without accomplices or a network of like-minded right-wing extremists.

Taiwan`s ex-security chief confirms secret China channels

Taiwan and China used sensitive channels to build trust between foes.

Georgian link also being investigated: Russia security chief

Russia`s security chief has not
ruled out the possibility of a Georigian link to the Moscow

Iraq blasts: Security chief sacked; Qaeda claims responsibility

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has sacked Baghdad`s security chief over a string of coordinated car and truck bombings claimed by an al Qaeda group that killed 127 people.

Russia seeks right to nuclear first-strike: Security chief

Russia will insist on the right to pre-emptive nuclear strikes against aggressor countries in its new military doctrine, the head of the country`s Security Council said on Wednesday.