Asteroid's shape and size determined for first time
Asteroid's shape and size determined for first time

Volunteer astronomers in the US have determined for the first time the shape and size of the double asteroid Patroclus-Menoetius that passed directly in front of a star Oct 20.

Manned exploration of Mars possible as radiation risk found `manageable`

Scientists have established from the radiation measurements received from the Radiation Assessment Detector on NASA`s Curiosity rover that even though manned missions to Mars could be risky, the radiation hazards are more manageable than originally believed.

Debris flowing on frozen Arctic sand similar to seepage flows on Mars

The Alaskan debris flows formed at ground temperatures that may correspond to those occurring locally and seasonally on the surface of Mars.

Moon could have formed from Earth material

Scientists have come up with two new models to explain the age-old question of how Earth`s moon formed.

`Invisible` planet discovered outside our solar system

Astronomers have discovered what they claim is a "hidden planet" outside our solar system, using a 150-year-old technique used to find Neptune.