Russia no defender of Syrian President: Putin

President Vladimir Putin said that Russia isn`t a defender of Syrian President and wants to see a democratically elected government, but held his ground on his stance that peace in Syria can only be achieved through talks.

I will live and die in Syria: Assad

The uprising against Assad`s regime began as mostly peaceful protests in March last year but quickly morphed into a civil war.

US lists 117 Iranian planes arming Syria`s Assad

The Obama administration has identified 117 Iranian aircraft it says are ferrying weapons to Syrian President Bashar Assad`s regime.

Syrian dissidents ask leaders to act, not just speak

Members of the Syrian National Council have asked leaders attending global summits to act and not just speak about resolving the crisis in Syria.

Syria massacre carried out by monsters: Assad

Syrian President Bashar Assad denied that his government had anything to do with last week`s gruesome Houla massacre.