Zee Media Special: ISIS' new terror weapon

Is the terror group ISIS using India's youth as a terror weapon against India and the whole world at large?

Bengaluru: Man behind pro-Islamic State Twitter account arrested

A Bengaluru-based Indian executive, who is suspected to be recruiting for the terror group Islamic State (IS) in the country, was arrested by the police on Saturday.

Special report: Taliban equip birds with explosives?

The Afghan police has said that they have spotted a bird with a bomb vest, surveillance camera and a GPS tracker on a highway and believe that the Taliban is behind the suicide mission, a report said.

Egypt court declares Islamic State a terror group

An Egyptian court has designated the Islamic State group a terrorist organization and banned it in the country.

British hostage appears in new IS video

British journalist John Cantlie, being held hostage in Syria by the Islamic State (IS) terror group, has appeared in a new video in which he claims the US failed to rescue him and fellow hostages in July.

ISIS calls John Kerry 'old geezer' for becoming an 'Islamic jurist'
ISIS calls John Kerry 'old geezer' for becoming an 'Islamic jurist'

An audio recording of the militant group ISIS or the Islamic State has called US Secretary of State an ‘uncircumcised old geezer’.

IS jihadists smaller global threat than al Qaeda: Analysts

The Islamic State group poses a smaller global threat than Al-Qaeda despite its recent beheadings of three Westerners, although battle-hardened fighters returning home remain a concern, analysts said on Thursday.

ISIS releases 'Flames of War' video threatening to attack US troops in Iraq
ISIS releases 'Flames of War' video threatening to attack US troops in Iraq

In light of US President Barack Obama's pledge to 'destroy' Sunni extremist group, ISIS, the terror group on Tuesday released a Hollywood-styled trailer which appears to warn of attacks against American force.

Israel bans terror group Islamic State

Israel has banned terror group Islamic State by declaring it an "unauthorised organisation", a day after the Jihadi outfit beheaded a second American journalist who also held Israeli citizenship.

ISIS controls region the size of Britain, earns £600,000 per day: Reports
ISIS controls region the size of Britain, earns £600,000 per day: Reports

The reach and influence of the dreaded terror group ISIS or the Islamic State is said to be widening by the day.

No evidence of specific threat from ISIS: US

 The US is currently not aware of any specific threat emanating from the ISIS terror group active in Iraq and Syria, the Obama administration said today.

Three missing teens taken by terror group: Israeli PM

A terror group abducted the three teens missing from the West Bank, Israel`s prime minister said on Saturday, as soldiers combed the rocky terrain and searched homes to try and find them.

POTA accused Maulana Abdul Qavi arrested

Muslim cleric Maulana Abdul Qavi, wanted for 10 years, was arrested for alleged anti-national activities and having links with terror groups Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad official sources said.

Terror group threatens France over Mali: Report

A terror group active in West Africa has threatened to target the interests of "France and her allies" in retaliation for France`s military intervention in Mali last year, according to a Mauritanian website frequently used by local jihadists to communicate with the outside world.

Pak terror group Lashkar-e-Toiba stronger than ever: Experts

Five years after the horrific Mumbai terror attacks, Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) is stronger than ever and remains the "favoured instrument" of Pakistani military and the ISI against India, US experts have said.

Role of other terror group in blast being probed

Investigators are now looking
into the possibility of whether Indian Mujahideen (IM)
operatives carried out the Delhi High Court blast with the
help of some other terror group.

Yemeni terror group ready to attack amid unrest: Report

Al-Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula may be seeking to capitalise on Yemen unrest.

Chinese links to arms procured by Manipur terror group?

The National Investigation Agency
has exposed a nexus between men of Chinese-origin and
Manipur-based banned terror group United National Liberation
Front (UNLF).

Woman sent $800 to Somali terror group: Affidavit

Nima Ali Yusuf is accused of providing money, personnel to help al-Shabab.

UP: Man arrested for supplying arms to terror group

The Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorist
Squad (ATS) on Thursday arrested one person for allegedly supplying
arms to a terror group.