Origin of water ice on moon revealed

A team of researchers has concluded that the most likely source of the water locked inside soils on the moon’s surface is the constant stream of charged particles from the sun known as the solar wind.

Mercury’s south polar region may contain water ice deposits

New images from MESSENGER, the first spacecraft to orbit Mercury, support proposal for water ice near the planet’s south pole.

Shadowed areas of Moon hide fluffy dirt, water ice

The permanently shadowed regions of the Moon have baffled scientists since long. Now, a team has claimed that the most intriguing areas on the Earth`s most closest neighbour may hide fluffy dirt and water ice.

Water ice on asteroids is more common than expected

Scientists have discoverd that water ice on asteroids may be more common than expected.

Scientists find water ice on asteroid`s surface

Asteroids may not be the dark, dry, lifeless chunks of rock. According to recent research, there is evidence of water ice and organic material on the asteroid 24 Themis.