Long-lost lake along White Nile may have helped humans out of Africa

Archaeologists have claimed that a huge long-lost lake along the White Nile may have aided humans in their exodus from Africa.

At Sudanese border, long wait to leave Southern war behind

Some walked, others were luckier and hitched a ride, but all ended up waiting in the sun at the Sudanese border checkpoint to cross and leave South Sudan`s war behind.

200 drown as boat capsizes in South Sudan

More than 200 people, including women and children, were killed in South Sudan when an overcrowded ferry capsized in White Nile river, media reported Tuesday.

37 killed, 26 hurt in Sudan bus crash

Thirty-seven people were killed
and 26 injured when two buses collided in the northern
Sudanese state of White Nile, the director of Sudan`s traffic
police said.